May 02, 2011

Players believe in the comeback victory

The squad believes the team can turn the aggregate score around at Camp Nou: "Real Madrid never give up a fight"

Real Madrid have always stood out for their hard work, drive and pursuit of victory to their very last breath. The club's values go hand in hand with unbelievable comebacks and turnarounds accomplished in Europe by the team throughout its history. Jose Mourinho's side is ready to pick up from where its predecessors left off and will travel to Barcelona sure of its chances to turn things around in the Champions League semifinals. The squad and all Madridistas dream of reaching the 28 May final at Wembley.

Iker Casillas
"The names of the two teams that will play the final haven't been inscribed yet. You never know what may happen. We will play in Barcelona knowing a final is set to take place in a month and that any of the four teams still in the championship may be in it."

Sergio Ramos
 "We are in a complicated spot in this tie, but we'll have to go for it at Camp Nou. We're hopeful. We will try to do a good job and look for a victory."


"We have a great chance in the Champions League and we will fight to the death. What matters is that we stick together to reach the final we are all so excited about. We're good enough to win the tie, so we will try our best. We must be proud and humble. The fact that Barça defeated us in Madrid means we can also defeat them in Barcelona."

"We expect to play a great game. We have faith. Real Madrid can never give up a fight."

 Jorge Valdano, Director General
"Madridismo always believes in comebacks. If there was just one team that had the habit of being heroic, it would be Real Madrid. Nothing should deprive us of feeling hope and excitement for Tuesday's match."

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