May 09, 2011

Nuri Sahin interview after Real Madrid Transfer

After Official Announcement of Nuri Sahin ,He interviewed with a Turkish Spor Channel.

I couldn't believe I was talking to Mourinho on the phone
He said, "Thank you very much,Firstly I am so excited right now,I signed for 6 years I hope I will represent Turkey in the best way at Real Madrid."

"I want to represent Turkey in Europe.My dreams have come true.Everyone can be proud of Mesut and me.It is a great honour choosing Turkish National team and playing for Real Madrid."

"I hope after this,Turkish players who plays abroad choose Turkish National team"

He also told the phone conversation between him and Mourinho
"We spoke with Mourinho before the transfer,He said he follows me and He is impressed by my leadership despite my young age and said He wants to see me in his team.At first I couldn't believe he was him.I was so excited.After closing the phone I asked my manager"Who did I talk to?" "

After "Will you learn Spanish" question he said that he has been going to Spanish for 14 months.He also said he wont live any kanguage problem at Real Madrid.

About Hamit Altıntop he said "I hope he joins as well."

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