September 01, 2010

Mourinho:"We'll try to win to it all"

Jose Mourinho talked about his current job at Real Madrid in an interview with AS.

"This is my team and we will try to win it all. We are ambitious; we are Real Madrid." "I'd like to say something to superstitious people.

I started all my seasons at Porto and Inter Milan with draws. I ended up winning four titles with the former team. With Inter I won two in my first season and three the following year. It doesn't matter how you start, but rather how you end.

I don't think it is dramatic at all to draw your first game, but I'm not a hypocrite and I admit I would have loved to win in my official debut. I believe in what's real and I know the future does not depend solely on one game." "We haven't even had ten training sessions with all the players yet. We lack so much right now...

There are key things to do when a team isn't in top form. One of them is to defend well. It is easier to defend well than to do so in attack. It is easier to be organised in defence. We defended very well in Mallorca; we had no problems close to the goal."

"A team that lacks form has two or three chances on goal at the most. How many did we have? Seven or eight is the answer. Too many for a team that is still under construction. We have to capitalise on those chances."

"We have to be patient with Khedira and Ozil and give them time to adapt to the team. Lass is an important player on this squad."

"I joined the team because I wanted a hard job. I came to Real Madrid because it needs to have stability once and for all." "I like people to feel pressure. I don't want anyone to relax. My players need to be aware that there is competition in every position."