October 22, 2011

Malaga 0 - 4 Real Madrid Highlights Video

October 18, 2011

Real Madrid 4 - 0 Olympic Lyon Highlights Video

Mourinho: "Olympique Lyonnais will be as serious and solid as ever"

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho faced the media ahead of the team's Champions League clash with Olympique Lyonnais which will kick-off tomorrow night at 20:45 CET at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

"Real Madrid have always been an attacking-minded team and I hope it will remain a balanced team that plays for winning games either at home or away. It's normal that teams improve when they work a lot. We want to become stronger than we were last season but it's not going to be easy".

"What is important is winning against Olympique Lyonnais. We earned 10 points out of our first four matches last year and they helped us to qualify. It's not easy to win in the Champions League but we now already have 6 points. Winning the group might give us an advantage in the last-16 draw, but we want to qualify as possible as we can and get further than we got last year in the competition".

"It's possible to play with both Higuain and Benzema or only with one of them. Both players are playing well and the competition between the two improves the collective performance of the team. My objective is to unite and not divide. What's in the press is different; it's a debate about who is good and who is poor. My point of view is different, we win and lose as a team. We have different objectives".

"I'm happy with Varane. He already made his debut in the Champions at 19 years old and he could be a starter at Real Madrid. We are all happy with him".