April 30, 2011

Real Madrid 2 - 3 Real Zaragoza Highlights Video

Real Madrid suffered an unexpected upset against Zaragoza at the Bernabeu. The visiting side did its best to earn curcial points to avoid relegation, while the pace to Mourinho's game gruadually increased as the match unfolded. Real Madrid seemed to be thinking about Tuesday's clash in Barcelona and made decisive mistakes. History and tradition prevent them from giving up on their options in the Champions League, for which they will start preparing now.

Captains Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos presented the recently won Copa del Rey trophy to the Bernabeu crowd before the match kicked-off. Mourinho used the same lineup as in the team's spectacular victory against Valencia last week. On the other hand, Zaragoza based their offensive power on the speed of Lafita and Uche. The Whites lacked concentration in the opening minutes, but they didn't suffer to keep Aguirre's men in check since they barely reached Casillas' goal. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper failed to clear a ball on the 40-minute mark and Uche controlled it, then assisting Lafita in the opening strike.

The second half was decidedly different. Real Madrid pressurised much more in attack, stealing the ball in Zaragoza's half of the pitch. But the visitors managed to score again from a fast counterattack that ended in a penalty awarded to Lafita and converted by Gabi (53'). Mourinho brought Marcelo and Ozil on, the latter serving a corner kick on the 61-minute mark finished off perfectly by Ramos. With half an hour left on the clock, the Bernabeu started to roar in support of its team.

Controversy ensued when Lanzaro clearly challenged Kaka late inside the box and no penalty was awarded (65'). Once again, referees made a mistake in detriment of Real Madrid in an effort that could have been decisive. To everyone's greater despair, Benzema's shot three minutes later hit the corssbar.

Real Madrid sieged Zaragoza's goal, but the visitors scored from a fast counterattack started by Uche and finished off again by Lafita (76').

Benzema netted a brilliant crossed shot with six minutes left in the game (84') and the Whites believed a comeback was possible, but Carvalho was sent off with a second booking one minute after the goal and the team was down to ten. Kaka nearly scored an equaliser on the 92-minute mark, but his header was saved in two steps by keeper Doblas. There was no time for more. Real Madrid must now concentrate on turning the aggregate score around in the Champions League to reach the Wembley final.

April 29, 2011

Tv images show Pepe didn't touch Alves' leg (Video)

The play that changed the course of what was an evenly-fought match was not worthy of a red card

Much has been said and written concerning Pepe’s send-off against Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League semifinal, but an image speaks louder than words and video from Realmadrid TV clearly shows the player only touched the ball. Thirty minutes remained in the match and the referee sent Pepe off with a direct red card following a lose ball dispute between Alves and Pepe. The rest of the play has been publically scrutinized far and wide. Alves, who obviously appears to be in pain, abandons the pitch on a stretcher. After consulting with one of his assistants, German referee Wolfgang Stark shows Pepe the red card one minute after the play took place. Once he saw the decision made by the referee, Alves made his way back onto the pitch in full stride.

It wasn’t the only controversial play of the match, however. Arbeloa and Pedro were involved in another incident. Thirty-nine minutes into the first half, the Madridista defender blocked Barcelona forward’s running lane. There was shoulder-to-shoulder contact, but no aggressive intent. Pedro fell to the turf and clutched his face, and the entire Barcelona bench stood up to continue protesting for the foul.

An ugly gesture that appears to have become a constant. Look no further than the images of the incident between Marcelo and Busquets five minute earlier; another lose ball and again, the Barcelona player ends up on the turf. It wasn’t Alves this time, but Busquets. The dive is just as obvious as Marcelo’s expression of surprise. Marcelo protects the ball with his body and Busquets goes over the Madridista defender's back and blatantly falls to the floor with his hands over his face. Another unsportsmanlike gesture and more fuel to the fire for the referee to deal with. It lasted for 90 minutes as millions around the world watched on the small screen.

The sports world cries out
Rio Ferdinand: "This diving is a joke/embarrassing. When Pedro watches that do you think he'll think, "What was I doing!?" Rugby players must laugh at football. If you ever see me go off on a stretcher then run back on to play, I give everyone on here the green light to him me with a two-footed tackle."

Michael Owen: "Alves' actions won't please many as if he had got straight up it would have been a yellow card, but Barça fans will be happy with his actions."

Rory Mcilroy: "Dani Alves, you are a disgrace. Roll about on the floor just a bit more!"

Chad Ochocinco: "I can't believe they just gave Pepe a red card for that."

April 28, 2011

Jose Mourinho interview after Barcelona match Champions League Video

"Why do they try to kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours?"

Jose Mourinho was visibly angy after his team's defeat against Barcelona.

"Why does this happen? Barcelona are a fantastic team. I don't understand why Pepe was sent off. It paved the way for Barcelona to finish the tie."

"I said nothing to the referee. I just laughed and applauded his decision without saying anything. I'd rather say no more because if I tell him and UEFA what I really think my career would end here and now. Since I cannot say it, I'll ask a question: Why? Why Ovrebo? Why Bussaca? We are talking about an absolutely fantastic football team. Why couldn't Chelsea reach the final two years ago? It was a miracle that Inter reached the final last year. Why kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours? I don't understand why."

Cristiano Ronaldo interview after Barcelona match Champions League

"I wish I had the chance to face a team of 10; it is very difficult to turn a 2-0 score around away from home, but anything can happen in football"

Cristiano Ronaldo did not hide his frustration after the defeat against Barcelona.

"I don't understand. It is very difficult to play in such circumstances. We had a strategy. It was a 0-0 game and Kaka was warming up so we would attack more in the last 20 minutes. We weren't playing well. but we were playing for a 0-0. This has happened in the last four years. Barcelona have power, a lot of power. The same thing happens every year. It happened against Chelsea, Inter Milan... and now against Real Madrid. I don't know how this can be fixed."

"I am a professional footballer and I like to enjoy myself when I play. But these situations suck all the joy out of you. We're sad because it's the same every year. Mourinho is right. Referees know football. I wish I had the chance to face a team of 10. It is very different to face a team of 11 and a team of 10, especially against Barcelona."

"It is very difficult to turn a 2-0 score around away from home, but anything can happen in football. We will fight in Barcelona."

April 27, 2011

Jose Mourinho interview after Barcelona match Champions League

"Why do they try to kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours?"

Jose Mourinho was visibly angy after his team's defeat against Barcelona.

"Why does this happen? Barcelona are a fantastic team. I don't understand why Pepe was sent off. It paved the way for Barcelona to finish the tie."

"I said nothing to the referee. I just laughed and applauded his decision without saying anything. I'd rather say no more because if I tell him and UEFA what I really think my career would end here and now. Since I cannot say it, I'll ask a question: Why? Why Ovrebo? Why Bussaca? We are talking about an absolutely fantastic football team. Why couldn't Chelsea reach the final two years ago? It was a miracle that Inter reached the final last year. Why kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours? I don't understand why."

"If it's already difficult to make a comeback on purely sporting grounds, it is absolutely impossible when our opponent is helped in this manner. It seems they must reach the final. I don't understand why such a fantastic team needs this. Football is a sport in which the same rules apply to all; then the best team wins. We will showcase pride and respect for our world of football in Barcelona. We will travel without Pepe, who did nothing wrong. We will travel without Ramos, who did nothing wrong. The coach won't even be able to sit on the bench and the aggregate score is against us. The system will kill us once more if we happen to score a goal and open up the tie."

"Our scheme had different stages for different moments in the game. We had to play together and then use a centre forward. Then I would use a number '10' behind the two forwards. It is the scheme for a 0-0 game, trying to capitalise on the frustration of our opponent. But the referee didn't let us unfold our plan. Barcelona's power should have been simply of a football nature. They have that power. Why use more?

"It disgusts me to live in this world," Mourinho said.

"Every semi-final, the same thing always happens," Mourinho said, alleging a conspiracy between Barcelona and UEFA because the Catalans had been awarded a favourable refereeing decision for the third consecutive UEFA Champions League semi-final.


"I'll live my whole life with this question but I hope one day to get the answer.

"Why could Chelsea not get to the final two years ago? Last year to get to the final with Inter was a miracle. Why again in this game?"

"I don't know if it's publicity for (sponsor) UNICEF or (FIFA and UEFA head of referees committee Angel) Villar's influence in UEFA," Mourinho said.

"They have the power and no one else has a chance.''

Mourinho was scathing of Barcelona's accomplishments, which he said were tainted.

"Inside (the Catalans) are laughing and enjoying this thinking we're going to (the final at) Wembley," he said.

"But to win this way must leave a bad taste.

"I've won two Champions Leagues and I won them both on the field and they were with two clubs.

"We won with work, effort, sweat, fight and with a lot of work.

"Josep Guardiola is a fantastic coach - I repeat he is a fantastic coach - but he won the Champions with the scandal at Stamford Bridge.

"And if he wins again then it will be affected by today."

See the Whole Press Conference (Video)

Real Madrid 0 - 2 Barcelona Highlights Video (Champions League)

0 -1

0 - 2

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Squad List (Champions League First Leg)

Arbeloa, Adebayor and Di Maria make the cut after missing the game against Valencia

Jose Mourinho has included 19 of his men on his squad list for tomorrow's 20:45 CET Champions League match against Barcelona. Di Maria and Adebayor have made the cut after missing the game in Valencia due to injuries. Arbeloa has also returned following Saturday's suspension. Khedira and Gago are injured and Carvalho suspended.

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adan, Dudek
Defenders: Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Arbeloa, Albiol, Garay
Midfielders: Lass, Granero, Xabi Alonso, Kaka, Di Maria, Ozil
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain, Adebayor

Goalkeepers: Valdes, Pinto
Defenders: Alves, Pique, Puyol, Milito, Montoya, Fontas
Midfielders: Mascherano, Busquets, Iniesta, Xavi, Keita, Afellay, Jeffren, Thiago, Sergi Roberto
Forwards: Pedro, Messi, Villa

April 26, 2011

Jose Mourinho press conference before Champions League El Clasico

 "We played great at the Bernabeu and in the Copa final, but we are up against a top-class coach and team"

Heading into the first leg of Wednesday's Champions League semifinal, Jose Mourinho discussed matters including the team's morale, a possible outcome at the Bernabeu and the role of the referee.

"It will be an evenly fought tie. There are no favorites. We played great at the Bernabeu and in the Copa final, but we are up against a top-class coach and team. We know that each competition is different and that each match has its own history. We always look for balance and find it. The team is relaxed ahead of the Champions League semifinal, but we have to put forth our maximum effort and avoid being influenced by what has already taken place."

"I don't know how Barcelona are morale-wise. Ours is the same has we not won the Copa final. Winning the Copa was great, but we began preparing for Valencia once the final was over and subsequently for this match. Both teams are just as excited and last year Barcelona's obsession stemmed from the fact that they could win the Champions League in the Bernabeu. Not this time. The final is at Wembley, where they already won a Champions League."

"There are no favorites for this tie. The two teams know each other well and both have players that have played in important matches and who know how to produce victories. Looking at the Shalke-Manchester semifinal and I don't see a favorite either."

"You never head to the Camp Nou with a secure lead. We beat Tottenham 4-0 and then had difficulty against Tottenham, which is a very good team but not Barcelona. Sometimes tendecies are broken, but it would be normal for everything to be up in the air for the return leg. A draw would be bad if we play better and have scoring chances. If it's the opponent that plays better, I would be happy going there."

"What is more imporant than who is refereeing is that we start a new cycle because there have been two groups of managers up until now: a quiet one who doesn't talk about referees and a louder one, such as myself, that criticized the referees when they make significant mistakes. We have entered a new era following the statements made by Guardiola and there is now a third group. He is the only one in it as he criticizes the right calls made by referees. I had never seen anything like it before. We will see if his supporters follow him into the group."

"I am a natural motivator. First I have to motivate myself and then I motivate my players. Before the Cup final all I told them was a statement made by Einstein: "There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy... the will." Not long ago I was speaking to a television channel and I told them that I am the same coach that lost 5-0 against Barcelona two months ago. I am a hard worker and I put in a lot of hours to help those around me. But I was the coach of this team two months ago, which is why I don't accept the notion that I have a magic potion."

Jose Mourinho:Elimination match expert

Mourinho has not lost an elimination match or tie in two years and has seen off 12 teams in doing so

Jose Mourinho knows what it means to win the big ones. The Real Madrid manager, who has won the last three knockout competitions he has competed in (Coppa Italia, Champions League and Copa del Rey), has not lost an elimination match over the last two years. Since joining forces with Inter and losing the Italian Super Cup 2-1 to Lazio, he has gone on to eliminate the last 12 teams: Livorno, Juventus, Fiorentina, Chelsea, CSKA Moskva, Barcelona, Lyon, Tottenham, Murcia, Levante, Atletico and Sevilla . Mourinho hopes to extend the run with a solid performance against Barcelona on Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

16/12/09Inter 1-0 LivornoRound of 16Coppa Italia 2009/10
28/01/10Inter 2-1 JuventusQuarterfinals
03/02/10Inter 1-0 FiorentinaSemifinals (1st leg)
13/04/10Fiorentina 0-1 InterSemifinals (2nd leg)
05/05/10Inter 1-0 RomaFinal*
24/02/10Inter 2-1 ChelseaRound of 16 (1st leg)

Champions League 2009/10

16/03/10Chelsea 0-1 InterRound of 16 (2nd leg)
31/03/10Inter 1-0 CSKA MoskvaQuarterfinals (1st leg)
06/04/10CSKA Moskva 0-1 InterQuarterfinals (2nd leg)
20/04/10Inter 3-1 BarcelonaSemifinals (1st leg)
28/04/10Barcelona 1-0 InterSemifinals (2nd leg)
22/05/10Bayern 0-2 InterFinal*
26/10/10Murcia 0-0 R. MadridRound of 32 (1st leg)

Copa del Rey 2010/11

10/11/10R. Madrid 5-1 MurciaRound of 32 (2nd leg)
22/12/10R. Madrid 8-0 LevanteRound of 16 (1st leg)
06/01/11Levante 2-0 R. MadridRound of 16 (2nd leg) 
13/01/11R. Madrid 3-1 AtleticoQuarterfinals (1st leg)
20/01/11Atletico 0-1 R. MadridQuarterfinals (2nd leg) 
26/01/11Sevilla 0-1 R. MadridSemifinals (1st leg)
02/02/11Real Madrid 2-0 SevillaSemifinals (2nd leg)
20/04/11Barcelona 0-1 R. MadridFinal*
22/02/11Lyon 1-1 R. MadridRound of 16 (1st leg)
Champions League 2010/11
16/03/11R. Madrid 3-0 LyonRound of 16 (2nd leg)
05/04/11R. Madrid 4-0 TottenhamQuarterfinals (1st leg)
13/04/11Tottenham 0-1 R. MadridQuarterfinals (2nd leg) 
*Finals not counted

Mourinho has won 82% of the 22 knockout matches (not including finals) he has coached in over the last two years. His sensational record of 18 victories, two draws and only two defeats (one with Inter and one with Real Madrid) is a warning shot for Barcelona heading into the Champions League semifinals.

April 25, 2011

Sergio Ramos: "The fans have to score our first goal against Barcelona"

"The team is as united as ever and will give its all on the pitch"

Sergio Ramos embodies the spirit of the Real Madrid squad prior to the Champions League semifinals against Barcelona. The defender and second team captain analysed the coming fixtures with the eternal foe.

Great victory against Valencia on Saturday. The team played a serious and solid game.
I’m happy with, and proud of, the team we have. I believe all Madridistas who saw the game enjoyed themselves watching footballers who normally don’t get a chance to play. They proved this side doesn’t just have eleven important players. We are all equally important and we live up to expectations on the pitch. Kaka, Canales, Granero and Higuain played at Mestalla. The latter has just recovered from a serious injury and was very excited to be starter. They all responded.

Regular starters are probably even more excited to play in the Champions League. The entire squad is focused on the semifinals…
It is essential for us to reach such a crucial stage in the campaign, and it is important that all men on the squad get playing time. We all have the same excitement and we all want to help out. The squad as a whole is what really matters, not individual players. The team is more united than ever and we all want to accomplish important things. We are on the right path. We proved it at Mestalla and we do so in every training session.

The support of the Bernabeu will be essential once more against Barcelona.
That’s right. We are all very proud of the crowd’s response this season. There was a change during the campaign by which our fans became even more devoted and excited. It happened when we faced Olympique Lyonnais, Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona at the Bernabeu. It’s the fans who have to score the first goal for us. Every visiting side at the Bernabeu has to be weary of the atmosphere. They must really be aware of what it means to play at a stadium like ours. Our fans are essential to us and they are the ones we are really grateful to.

How do you expect the Bernabeu to react on Wednesday?
You don’t expect less than what it’s been like in recent games because you get used to that. The response of the crowd is essential to us. We expect the Bernabeu to embrace its team, to give us support to the very last minute and to never doubt we will give our all on the pitch. I believe that is precisely what the fans are grateful for. Those are the values the club instills and we must showcase them on the pitch.

How is the squad feeling before such an important game?
It is more united than ever. We are all extremely excited about the times we are living. The Champions League is a very important competition and it is at stake for us. Now is when we must show everyone how excited we are.

How’s Mourinho doing?
He is as relaxed as he always is. The coach never changes his philosophy, style and habits. He has a clear idea of what he wants and we will continue to work in the same way. We will not modify our work for any team.

The match on Wednesday will be important, but not decisive. You will then face Barcelona at Camp Nou in the return leg.
That’s something we must always have in mind. This is a 180-minute game. The work we’ve been doing so far and our knowledge of our opponent will make us play similarly to our first two games against them, but we must realise it is a 180-minute game.

What worries you the most about this match?
Given the fact that it’s a Champions League semifinal against Barcelona, what I most want is for the game to be clean, healthy and sportsman like. I’d like people to avoid exaggerating injuries or fouls, and for the referee to be completely impartial to both sides. People even criticized a correct call the ref made at the end of the Copa del Rey final, which I think is too much. Above all, I’d like Madridismo and all football fans to enjoy this celebration of the sport.

This will be the third Clasico this month, but expectations and excitement are as high as ever.
Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have great players and no one knows what will happen. We all know of the responsibility we have and what it takes to defend these crests. We will have to give our all to win.

Is there a favorite in these games?
We don’t regard ourselves as favourites because we won’t earn anything by assuming so. I believe it’s been simplicity, humility and hard work that have taken us this far. Those are the values we must uphold.

April 24, 2011

Higuain:"There is no better way to return home than with a lot of goals"

Higuain: "No one was selfish; we played as a team"

Gonzalo Higuain scored his first hat-trick since returning from injury and the striker could not have been more pleased with his performace.

"I gained a lot of confidence today. I am very happy; a little tired, but that's normal. There is no better way to return home than with a lot of goals. The hard work and wait were worth it. Now it's time to have fun because helping the team and accomplishing our goals are that count."

"No one was selfish. We played as a team. Now it is time to rest ahead of Wednesday's match, but today we proved that we are in great shape heading into the final stage of the season."

"Mourinho has a variety of possibilities with the players he has to choose from, and everyone is in good form."

April 23, 2011

April 22, 2011

Jose Mourinho : "I feel better working for Real Madrid day by day"

Mourinho: "We have our limitations due to injuries and fatigue, but we will give Valencia all we have got"

Jose Mourinho was upfront about his future and also discussed Saturday's match during Friday's press conference.

"I am happy that our work is paying off and that people want to take the same direction that I want to take. I am always calm and I do not want to lose ambition. We are not just here for one year, but rather a lot more time. I feel better working for Real Madrid each day that goes by. Any news coming out of Italy is false and I want to continue working peacefully. We will be here this coming preseason to continue working. My teams are always better in the second season and I will work hard to ensure it happens here. I am certain that Real Madrid will be better in the second season."

"Having an injured player is always bad news for a team and a coach. We are upset that Khedira is hurt, but to say that he is done for the season is absurd. He cannot play tomorrow and I can all but guarantee he won't play on Wednesday either. He will miss both matches, but we hope he can return as quickly as possible."

"Lass missed Wednesday's match and Granero played 20 good minutes. Granero always responds well. We are upset that we don't have Khedira, but that is how our team is built and we will have an answer for his absence."

"Barcelona is a fantastic team that has won a lot, but they are not the champions of Europe. They are champions of Spain and they have a good chance to repeat. Just because they lost doesn't mean they are bad. I am stable in both good times and bad and I know we need to remain calm. We won an historic Cup against a very worthy adversary. What I will remember most, though, is our fantastic road to the title because we beat complicated teams like one of this season's greats, Levante; the runner-up, Atletico; and the champion, Sevilla. I will also remember the warm embrace from the president."

April 21, 2011

Sergio Ramos: It is fans' fault that I dropped Copa del Rey

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has jokingly blamed fans after the Copa del Rey became the Copa del Ruin when it was crushed to pieces by a bus.

The Spain international was celebrating Madrid's 1-0 cup final win over Barcelona with the rest of the team as their open-top bus travelled through the Spanish capital.

But he lost grip, the trophy fell under the bus, and the inevitable happened as the driver was unable to stop in time.

However, Ramos has seen the funny side.

He said on his twitter account: "What happened with the cup was a misunderstanding. I did not drop it, it jumped when it saw all the excited Madrid fans."

Luckily for him, and Madrid, the cup makers confirmed a replica trophy has been made.

Federico Alegre, who owns the jewellers who make the cup, said there were no problems.

"Since 05:30 this morning [Thursday] Real Madrid have a trophy in perfect condition which they can show the fans," he told EFE TV.

"There is always a plan B for these cases."

Raul congratulates Real Madrid

"I am happy for all the fans I first saw at Mestalla and then at Cibeles"

During 15 seasons with Real Madrid, Raul Gonzalez was never able to win the Copa del Rey. Now at Schalke 04, the former Madridista didn't want to miss the opportunity to congratulate Madridismo on their new title.

"I am happy for all the fans I saw at Mestalla and later at Cibeles. Congratulations to the directors, the coaching staff, the team, the employees and the great Bernabeu fans base. The Mestalla final wasn't easy because they were up against a great opponent. It is a very special title that resisted us for many years."

Matador Sergio Ramos after Copa del Rey

April 20, 2011

Jose Mourinho interview after Copa del Rey Final

Mourinho: "I am proud of my team, the fans and my people"

Jose Mourinho appeared calm during his turn to speak following Real Madrid's Copa del Rey title win and the manager revealed his immediate reaction when the referee blew the final whistle. "I went to the dressing room to call my family and rest a little. I wanted the players to enjoy it. I am tired, but happy," he commented

"It was an evenly-fought match. We were better in the first half and they were better in the second. Casillas responded very well. We made very few mistakes in what was a very serious match. The players were very focused and knew what to do. We played our lines tight in extra time and I think Barcelona were a little tired psychologically. Whoever scores first in extra time tends to win. It was a great football match."

"It is always good to win titles. Someone called me a 'Title Coach' a few days ago. I like the name. That is my job. I am proud of my team, the fans and my people. This is my fourth Cup win and I am very proud."

"This match has nothing to do with that we will see in the Champions League. Each will be different. We will see what happens between two great teams over the course of two matches. Anything is possible."

"My job at Real Madrid this season goes beyond winning titles. I am changing other important things. I am very relaxed and very happy right now. It is good to start off by winning titles and it lifts a big weight of the players' shoulders, but I have a lot of experience in this and according to the newspapers I should have played with six forwards. We played like we played, and did so against a great team, which makes what we did that much better."

Cristiano Ronaldo interview after Copa del Rey Final

“It is a great joy to have won and more so that I scored the goal to win the Copa [del Rey],” enthused Ronaldo to reporters after the match. “We had gone many years without winning the Cup and we are very happy.

“This is an important trophy and we are enjoying it.”

Ronaldo further praised his compatriot Jose Mourinho, who has won his first major competition as coach of Madrid in his maiden season in Spain.

“Mourinho has made a very positive impact,” said the 26-year-old. “He has helped us a lot and injected us with positive energy, which shows [on the pitch].

"Barcelona played a very good game, but this is the way it goes. The one who scores, wins."

Iker Casillas interview after Copa del Rey Final

Iker Casillas hoisted the famous trophy at the Mestalla and the Madrid captain was jubilant after the full-time whistle.

Speaking to the reporters after lifting the trophy, he said: "Today, we have suffered badly, but we have won a trophy that's coveted by all Madrid fans.

"We thank them for their support and we can repay them now that we have finally won a trophy. I am very happy."

The shot-stopper didn't waste time looking forward to the two more Clasico showdowns against Barcelona as he praised Jose Mourinho.

“Our mentality has been changed. Mou is a phenomenon. We know that the league is complicated but we must always fight for everything.

“Now we have a Champions League semi-final to look forward to.”

Real Madrid Copa Del Rey Ceremony Pictures Photo Gallery