May 16, 2012

Casillas: "We want people to enjoy watching Real Madrid"

Jose Mourinho and Iker Casillas gave a press conference at Kuwait's Regency Hotel ahead of tomorrow's friendly with the country's national team.

"This is the first time I visit this country, but we're not here as tourists; we're here to play and try to win the match. We know it's a friendly, but Real Madrid always have to elevate their prestige as much as possible. That's why we've travelled with the entire team. Everyone will play tomorrow to honour their names and the prestige of Real Madrid. They are a little tired because of the tough season we had, but everyone's in good form."

"We have respect for Kuwait's national team, but people should realise we just celebrated winning the league title, we had a seven hour flight and we've hardly trained for this. It's important no one sustains any injuries tomorrow because many of my men are already thinking about the Euro. We intend to play a good game and we'll try to win."

"We won the championship thanks to all the players on the squad, but Ronaldo is special because he scores goals in all sorts of ways and in every position. He and Messi are above the rest and, if there is any justice in football, Cristiano will win the Ballon d'Or this year."

"Real Madrid wanted to play in Kuwait and it would have been difficult to do so in the preseason due to short holidays and the weather. My men would have liked to be on holiday now, but they responded well to this venture for the prestige of Real Madrid. We're here to do a good job."

"We intend to play a friendly that will have a party atmosphere. We want to give a great performance so that people enjoy watching Real Madrid play. We want to win."

"Ronaldo is one of the two most influential players in the world. He is an important pillar at Real Madrid and he is symbolising an era."

May 14, 2012

Real Madrid 4 - 1 Mallorca

May 13, 2012

Mourinho : " It is impossible to improve on our numbers"

Jose Mourinho was accompanied by his staff in the press conference ahead of the clash with Mallorca.

"We're all here today because we all work on the team. There are others who aren't here today that have also been part of a coaching staff that has given its all to help the players achieve success. We've all won and lost together. I said we would all either laugh or cry together in the end and we've eventually laughed because things went our way."

"I think we've had a very good season. We've grown as a team and as a group of people. We want to do better and improve. We've established difficult records and won the most important title. We've also been in the Champions League semifinals a second straight year, which means we're strong there also. We also had great respect for the Copa del Rey. We fought for the title. It's been a very good season and I believe it is impossible to improve on our numbers. We want to win the league title again next season, but we know it will be very difficult to earn these numbers again."

"I would give the team as a whole a nine out of ten, but I would award some players a ten. I think it will be very difficult to improve on our performance level next year. Even though there are some who say there is only one way of playing football, I believe there are many ways, and I think no one plays ours like we do. We will add qualities to make the team stronger and we will aslo work on psychology. It isn't easy to do better in the Champions League, but it's possible, so we'll try. We don't want or need a new squad. Two players will suffice to make the team stronger."

"We want to give a serious performance against Mallorca and enjoy ourselves. It would be great to add taking 100 points to our list of records this year, but we just want the fans to have fun."

"There'll be nothing to do if someone pays Higuain's rescission clause. Everyone knows I'd like him to stay, but that's what clauses are for. Gonzalo is one of the best centre forwards in the world."

"I believe all my men have worked towards winning the title and Kaka is one of them. He's been decisive in some games and he's also given less positive performances, but he's had a great season overall. My opinion regarding Carvalho is that he is too good not to be a starter. He's won the league title in Portugal, England and Spain with me and we'll decide what's best for him."

May 10, 2012

Real Madrid Celebrations at Cibeles (Video)

Mourinho to Guardiola : "Nobody is perfect"

Mourinho and Guardiola have had a number of public spats since the Portuguese's arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2010, and the Madrid boss has now taken another dig at his counterpart as the Catalan gets set to step down in the summer.

"It is not normal to sell an image of perfection, because at the end of the day nobody is perfect. I have never sold an image of perfection," Mourinho was quoted as saying by ABC.

The former Inter boss then went on to hail his own accomplishments in the game, while underlining the importance of beating Barcelona to the Liga title this term.

"No coach has won a league title in the three major leagues [England, Italy, Spain]. It was an objective that I had. It is an unbelievable achievement both professionally and on a personal level.

"My target in life is not to beat Barca. I have also lost to Barca and to lose to them doesn't make me any sadder than to lose against Bayern.

"Winning the Liga title this year was important in terms of interrupting their winning cycle, though."

Mourinho concluded by once more insisting that he is keen to stay in the Spanish capital.

"I have two seasons left with Real Madrid and myself and my family are happy to have that stability."

The 49-year-old coach has won a Primera Division crown and a Copa del Rey title during his two years at the Santiago Bernabeu side.

May 07, 2012

Mourinho : Higuain is not leaving anywhere

The Argentina international has continually been linked with a move away from the Liga champions, and Paris Saint-Germain star Javier Pastore revealed earlier this weekend that Higuain has been in touch with him over a potential move.

Nevertheless, Mourinho has stressed that the 24-year-old is not for sale at any price.

"Higuain is staying here. He will stay at Madrid because I don't want him to go. He has an excellent contract here that runs for many more years," Mourinho stated to ABC.

"And Madrid have no intention to sell either. Even if clubs offer 40, 50 or €60 million, we will not sell him. My two strikers for next season will be [Karim] Benzema and Higuain."

Higuain has netted 22 goals in 34 Primera Division appearances this season.

May 05, 2012

Ramos: "I'm very happy"

"The act at Cibeles was beautiful. We have to be grateful for the weather because the sun finally shone through; Real Madrid deserve nothing less. I'm very happy; this is my third league title with Real Madrid. Titles are enjoyed and savoured differently as the years go by."

"The best thing about this is making people happy. I'm very happy because our hard work has been fruitful, but celebrating with our supporters tops everything."

"We came here with the Copa del Rey last year, but the league title is very special. It is amazing to be with the entire Madridista family. We had a perfect run in the championship and we deserve the title. We have to try to keep up the good work next year to continue making people happy and return to Cibeles."

Di Maria: "We'll make these fans even happier in the future"

Di Maria
"I am very happy with my first Spanish league title, but there's much more to come. I want the fans to enjoy this as much as we do. I'm sure we'll make them even happier in the future. I hope we win more titles every year and that one of them is the Champions League."

"This is immense joy, especially after the blow in the Champions League last week. This is a great and very personal feeling, so celebrating is very important. The secret to our success is that we are a true team. Some play more than others, but the group is what really matters."

"This is a dream come true. It's been very important for all of us and I hope it all stays like this. This is a great year and we're very happy. I expected us to win a title this season."

Casillas: "Our supporters deserve this"

"Our supporters deserve this, so it's all for them. We've fought very hard in this league championship, but we won."

"We're very happy about winning the league title after months of hard work."

"I am very happy. We won all together and this is my first league title with Real Madrid. It's time to celebrate."

Cristiano Ronaldo: "We've had a spectacular season"

"I feel incredibly happy. This is my first Spanish league title and I'm delighted about it. We've had a spectacular season and the fans deserve this. The team also deserves the title because we've played phenomenally well. I am very happy."

"I wish to thank everyone here. We're having a lot of fun and we want to win again next year to return."

"There are two games left in the championship and we've achieved our objective of winning the league. I'm not too worried about not winning the Pichichi this year. We'll see what happens in the end."

May 02, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo interview after the Championship

Cristiano Ronaldo shared his happiness for winning his first La Liga title with the media.

“I am incredibly happy. This is my first league title in Spain and I am delighted. We’ve achieved our objective and we were all very excited about winning La Liga.”

“We all experience great joy for achieving our objective after fighting for ten months.”

“The league is even harder when you fight for it with a team like Barcelona, but you feel great when you beat one of the best teams around. We were better than them.”

“The league title is what I wanted most. I have two Golden Boot awards at home. It would be nice to win another, but I wouldn’t mind it if I didn’t.”

Mourinho press conference after the Champpionship

Jose Mourinho analysed what it means to win the league title for RealmadridTV.

“We have to celebrate this championship. We have to continue working after tomorrow because next season will also be tough and we have games to play still in this campaign. This team deserves even more emotion and affection, and I expect the Bernabeu to give it to them in our match against Mallorca.”

“A 107 goal record is one of those details you focus on more when you win a title that belongs to all.”

“The fans, who suffer with this team, have given us their undying support. I want to congratulate all of them, especially our families, who suffer most of all. You can be a great fan of a club or one of the professionals that work in it, but our families suffer for us and for the club in the hardest moments. They’re there for us every day and experience our emotions throughout a very long season. My wife and children have given me all the support I need to be in top form.”

“I won the league title in Portugal, Italy and England, but this one has been the toughest. I’ve won seven league titles overall and I know what it feels like. Barcelona won all their games, as befits the great team that they are. They’ve been winning to the very last day. They are a club with great tradition that knows we deserved to win this title.”