April 30, 2012

Ronaldo moving to Italy?

Despite claiming he is happy in Spain, the 27-year-old did concede that he would not rule out a switch to the Italian top flight and revealed his admiration for the 'big three' in Serie A.

"I respect the Italian league but right now it is third behind Spain's [La Liga] and England's [Premier League]. But never say never. Someday, why not In Italy? There are fantastic teams like Inter, AC Milan and Juventus," the forward told Mediaset.

"I'm proud to play for Real Madrid because I have fun; when you no longer have fun it's a sign that it's time to leave. For now though, I'm happy here at the greatest club in the world."

Ronaldo also spoke positively of his coach and compatriot, Jose Mourinho, stating that the 49-year-old is the No.1 trainer in the world.

"Mourinho is an amazing coach and his trophies say it all: he's won in Portugal, England and Italy, and this makes him the best," he added.

"To me, being the best means proving it in different countries and championships, Unlike others, Mourinho has done exactly that; it's simple."

The Madeira-born star is expected to be in action for Los Blancos on Wednesday evening when the Spanish giants can be crowned Liga champions with victory away at Athletic Bilbao.

April 28, 2012

Casillas : "We should look ahead"

"We played well and had chances to score. Bayern Munchen are a good team and we wish to congratulate them and wish them luck. It was a vibrant match. Penalty shootouts are like the lottery and we lost due to bad luck. That's all there is to it."

"We have to thank everyone here for their support. It's been a harsh blow and it's hard to get back on our feet after tonight, but we must carry on and focus on what remains of the season. We should have fought harder to keep the 2-0 score, but we can't ask more of the team than it did tonight."

April 26, 2012

Mourinho's press conference after Bayern Munich match

"I think it's difficult for any team to reach the semifinals two straight campaigns and it's also difficult for a coach to reach them six times in eight years. We deserved to win because both games were tight. It is more difficult to play this match when you're still in the fight to win the league title than when you're not. I remember the semifinals I lost with Chelsea against Liverpool. They faced Fulham in the previous clash with their reserve players, while we used our main men in our weekend clash and ended up suffering from that."

"It's our fault because we would have used different players in our previous game if we weren't fighting to win the league title. My men gave a fantastic performance. It is difficult to overcome a 2-1 result. They knew they couldn't make any mistakes and felt great pressure. They were also exhausted in the penalty shootout. Together, both sides missed five penalties. Only those who shoot miss. I don't miss because I don't shoot them. Those who miss have balls and aren't selfish. They do their best for the team. I am incredibly proud of my men."

"Everyone makes mistakes. Superhumans only exist in the movies. These men are the best at their level, but people criticise them when they miss a shot. These critics are like people who get exhausted by climbing two flights of stairs and badly need a lift. My men ran like animals despite the pressure and missed in the final stretch, but what do you expect them to do? Would you rather see them die or see Bayern drawing the match? They played to the limit. I'm not here to make excuses, especially for our opponent. Teams that win two or three titles in one season achieve something incredible, but it is very difficult to reach the semifinals in two consecutive campaigns."

"The final will be disputed between the fifth team in the Premier League and the runners-up in the Bundesliga, and both used their reserve players this weekend, while Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other in the most important match of the season in the Spanish league. People listened to me when I said the calendar had to be adjusted in these circumstances in Italy, and it made me happy. I don't have that power or enjoy such respect for my opinions here in Spain. We've started the most important month of the season with mid-week games and it's resulted in yesterday's and tonight's results. Bayern won and were luckier than us."

"The squad feels proud. The players know they have nothing to be sorry for. I've told them to go home to their wives and girlfriends and not hide because they have nothing to be ashamed about. I will absolutely try to win this title again with this team. I want to win with these players. It was important for the club and for us to win the Copa del Rey last season. We need six points to win the league and it would be fantastic to do so. This team has great room for improvement and so does the club. Clubs have to adapt to the times. If they believe I can continue to add to the team by staying on, and my players believe so too, then I feel I will stay."

"I feel the pressure of knowing my players are subjected to great pressure. I currently enjoy the joy of others more than my own, and the same goes during bad times. That's why this hurts. These players have worked very hard. There are four games left in the season and we have to take the six points we need like we've done till now: on our own. We worked hard and fought mightily. We will have had a good season if we win the league title and it will allow my men to feel they've done a good job. We will be here fighting for the Champions League again next season."

"The final will be a good match and I would like Chelsea to win, but I have great respect for Bayern Munchen. Chelsea were heroic yesterday and I know some people believe they are the lords of the game and therefore entitled to criticise Chelsea or Inter Milan's victory two years ago. I know the Blues behaved like heroes. Chelsea deserve it and Bayern are there too."

April 25, 2012

Mourinho press conference before Bayern Munich Match

"Every player has to know that Real Madrid reaching the final is more important than them being there," the Portuguese told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

“Players can't be selfish. I would take a suspension now so that we make a final. A player has to be the same.”

However, Mourinho argued that each and every member of his squad warrants the right to grace May's showpiece event at the Allianz Arena.

"We want and believe that we deserve to be in the final," he declared. "Now we just have to do it.

"But Bayern are a very good team: the coach, the players. They all have the right to think they can reach the final.

"However, when I look at my players all I see is excitement. We want to win and that's the most important thing. Tomorrow [Wednesday], we are going to try to reach the final. These players deserve it."

Madrid's much-vaunted forwards were not at their best in Munich last Tuesday but Mourinho is expecting them to be firing on all cylinders in the Spanish capital.

"Bayern know the offensive potential that Real Madrid have and that it is normal that we score at home," the two-time Champions League winner argued.

"We will stick to our style of play and philosophy to the end. We know what we want to do.

"The most important thing is knowing the character of the players and what they are capable of and our players are as calm as they have to be for a match like this."

Madrid's eagerly awaited clash with Bayern gets under way at 20.45CET.

April 23, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes top scoring Madridista in one season

His goal against Barcelona allowed him to break his own 53 strike record from the previous campaign
Margarita Perez / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
Cristiano Ronaldo scored one goal against Barcelona and therefore broke his own 53 strike record of the previous campaign, becoming the team's all-time top scorer in one single season.

Ronaldo is having an incredible run in La Liga. He has currently scored 42 goals in the championship, breaking his own 40 strike record from last year.

So far, Cristiano has netted eight goals in the Champions League, equalling his previous best run from the 2007/08 season when he was still at Manchester United.

April 21, 2012

Barcelona 1 - 2 Real Madrid Highlights Video

Real Madrid beated Barcelona at Camp Nou with two goals against one.With this win Real Madrid is now seven points ahead of Barcelona and so close to be the Champion.
Real Madrid's goals came from Khedira and Cristiona Ronaldo.Alexis Sanches scored the Barcelona's only goal.
Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barcelona 1 - 2 Real Madrid Photo Gallery

Real Madrid beated Barcelona at Camp Nou with two goals against one.With this win Real Madrid is now seven points ahead of Barcelona and so close to be the Champion.
Real Madrid's goals came from Khedira and Cristiona Ronaldo.Alexis Sanches scored the Barcelona's only goal.
Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 20, 2012

Barcelona - Real Madrid preview


Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Puyol

Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta
Fabregas, Messi, Pedro

Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo

Khedira, Alonso
Ozil, Kaka, RonaldoBenzema

Alexis Sanchez is a doubt for Barcelona's 219th Clasico meeting with Real Madrid, after the Chilean picked up a leg injury in the midweek Champions League defeat at Chelsea.

Pep Guardiola has no other injury concerns, with long-term absentees David Villa, Andreu Fontas and Eric Abidal the only players unavailable.

Gerard Pique should make a return to the Blaugrana defence, with Carles Puyol filling in at left-back in place of the versatile Adriano.

Real Madrid could recall Marcelo to the starting line-up, while it remains to be seen whether his compatriot Kaka - dropped to the bench in the last two matches - regains his place in the team.

Xabi Alonso is available after serving a one-match domestic ban, but Ricardo Carvalho (thigh) and Lassana Diarra (hamstring) are unlikely to be involved.

April 17, 2012

Mourinho's press conference before Bayern Münich match

"I haven't made any changes at the club. I've just helped change, with the help of the players, the fact that Real Madrid hadn't reached this far in the Champions League for many years, and this is our second consecutive semifinal and we've only lost one of our last 22 games in the competition. We have to take a step further to reach the final."

"The greatest praise for a team is to say it plays like a true team, and that's what I think of Bayern Munchen. I think they are a great side with some players who are more special than others, like on all other great teams. Bayern are an optimum side that grew with Van Gaal some time ago and that plays phenomenal football now with Heynckes. They have the right to believe they'll reach the final."

"I have no doubts regarding the lineup I'll use tomorrow. I know who will play, who will be on the bench and who will watch the game from the stands. I've worked a lot on this match and I have no doubts. I usually like to be sure about the lineup before going to sleep the night before a match. I've already made my decision."

"Webb is a solid referee with great experience in this sort of game. We just expect him to do a good job and to make the right decisions. Our players will help in everything they can, but sometimes dubious penalties are awarded and may cost a team a defeat."

"I will not reveal anything regarding the lineup. I am well aware of who Kaka is and of his good performances in Champions League matches. It wouldn't be intelligent on my part not to use a player with such virtues. I count on Lass this season and the next. He wasn't called-up for the clash against Valencia and was free to do whatever he wanted."

"Equalling the goal record in La Liga isn't what's most important to me, but it is a beautiful thing and it proves the team wants to give spectacle and win every game. Let's hope this translates into winning a title this season."

"The opinion of men of football is more important than mine. Hoeness, Beckenbauer and others believe they are favourites and that we will be weary of them. We'll see what happens tomorrow."

"Numbers from previous meetings between both sides say nothing to me. Bayern have the motivation of maybe playing the final at their stadium and we're motivated to be in the semifinals a second straight year. I'm not worried about what happened between both teams in the past."

"UEFA handle security very well and I'm sure they'll have firefighters around to put out the hell we may experience in Munich. We should only focus on playing the game and Webb on officiating it. Bayern will play from the heart, but they also play good football. They have good players and the match, though tactical, will be good."

April 15, 2012

Real Madrid 3 - 1 S.Gijon Highlights Video

Real Madrid 3 - 1 S.Gijon  Highlights Video
14 .04 . 2012

Goals :
Ronaldo,Benzema,Higuain (Real Madrid)
De las Cuevas  .p (S.Gijon)

April 13, 2012

Cristiano proves he is the best in every match

Assistant coach Aitor Karanka talked to the press ahead of tomorrow's 20:00 match against Sporting Gijon.

"These players deserve to be champions because of their hard work and the adversity they are overcoming. We cannot fail against Sporting. It will be a very important match with a lot at stake for us. Taking three points will be vital."

"They defeated us at the Bernabeu last season and they are a dangerous opponent. A draw will not be enough for them because they need three points to avoid relegation. They will go all out for the match and that will make them dangerous. The match is of paramount importance and we won't use rotations. We didn't win our last home game and we have to win tomorrow."

"Cristiano Ronaldo has been in risk of seeing a fifth booking for two months and still hasn't. He always wants to play and tomorrow is no excepotion. He is intelligent and a player should never be afraid of being booked. There's no problem."

"The fight isn't between Ronaldo and Messi, but rather between two sides that want to win the title. Cristiano Ronaldo proves he is the best player in the world in every match. We are all aware of how important he is on the team."

"Every match is different. Ozil wasn't in top form for the previous game and Kaka had been training well, but we replaced him against Atletico because they are similar and Kaka wasn't feeling very comfortable."

"The squad is talking about tomorrow's match, about how difficult it will be and about everything that still lies ahead. If we manage to equal or break the 107 goal record in La Liga of the 1989/90 Real Madrid side we'll do so thanks to the hard work of our players."

"Jose Mourinho will speak whenever he has to, just as he's been doing so far. We take turns addressing the media. That's how we work. We find it normal, but it seems to surprise all of you."

April 11, 2012

Casillas: "We only have to think about defeating Atletico to have a chance to win the title"

Iker Casillas is an expert derby player, earning eight victories and two draws in all his games against Atletico Madrid. The captain analysed the clash for Bwin.com.

"We must only think about winning against Atletico in order to have a chance to win the title. They are increasingly anxious to defeat us each year, but we're solid on the road. The derby will be a great match."

"Simeone has refreshed the team and it shows in their most recent games. They may have had some ups and downs in La Liga, but they are generally improving. Just look how far they've reached in the Europa League. They will be looking forward to the match because they really want to defeat Real Madrid. They have good touch on ball and know what they must do. To this you must add their drive, the fact they host the match, their crowd..."

"We obviously study our opponents. We watch and analyse games every day. We know Falcao is an extraordinary player, but he is surrounded by other great footballers. We cannot forget about Diego or Adrian. Falcao may be their standout man, but we're also aware of the supporting players he's got, who are all capable of pulling rank."

"We rarely give our rivals a chance to score in away games. We're defending as a true team and manage to keep clean sheets thanks to the job we all do. It's not just the goalkeeper. Keeping a clean sheet is vital to us and we don't want to concede strikes on the road while also scoring from the chances we get."

"There are many games left in the season and some will be very difficult, both for us and Barcelona as well. There is a long way still and a match between the leaders and the runners-up has yet to take place."

"You always want to add something to your career every year. I've said it many times: once you win a league title you want another, and so on. You think about making millions of people around the world happy. You want to have chances to win every title by the end of the season."

"I've learrned from every coach I've had. Failing to do so would be disrespecting all those I've had in my professional career and as an academy player. I've learned many things form them. When you've formed yourself as a player - as I did at the Real Madrid academy - and reach the first team, you want to showcase everything you've learned throughout your life."

April 07, 2012

Top scoring trio in Real Madrid history

Real Madrid's season is being truly spectacular. The team tops the league table and will play the Champions League semifinals, have tallying an impressive 150 goals overall this campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the team's top scorer this year with 49 strikes, only four shy of last season's 53. He is also a magnificent assist-man and Higuain and Benzema benefit most from his passing talents. The French striker has scored 28 goals this season and Higuain reached the centenary as a Madridista last weekend against Osasuna, with a total tally of 24 strikes this season.

Player La Liga UCL Copa del Rey S. S. Cup Total
Cristiano Ronaldo 37 8 3 1 49
Benzema 17 7 3 1 28
Higuain 20 3 1 0 24
TOTAL 74 18 7 2 101

The trio formed by Puskas, Di Stefano and Pepillo scored 95 goals in the 1959/60 season and helped the team win its fifth European Cup title that year. Three more attacking trios from the 1950s are amongst the top ten scoring attacking fronts in the history of the club. Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuain also appear lower on this ranking with the 92 strikes they netted in the 2010/11 season.

Player La Liga UCL Copa del Rey S. S. Cup Total
Cristiano Ronaldo 37 8 3 1 49
Benzema 17 7 3 1 28
Higuain 20 3 1 0 24
TOTAL 74 18 7 2 101

April 05, 2012

Real Madrid 5 - 2 Apoel Highlights

Through to the UCL semifinals with shower of goals led by Cristiano Ronaldo (2), Kaka, Callejon and Di Maria

Real Madrid sealed their passage to the Champions League semifinals with an impressive 5-2 victory over APOEL Nicosia at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Whites will fight with old UCL foe Bayern Munchen for a spot in the final.

April 02, 2012

Mourinho: "Benzema's goal is from out of this world"

"I like to see that all my men respond. It wasn't an easy game and both Granero and Albiol, who hadn't played for a long time, responded very well. This shows the strength of the group and of each individual player. We're all very happy with their performance, just like we were with Sahin's in Cyprus. It always makes us very happy to see men who don't usually play doing this well. As their coach, I wish to thank them for their performances."

"You never know what the score will be like. Benzema netted a goal that is out of this world in the first chance we got and Cristiano scored from a fantastic shot in our second chance. We did two things very well tonight: we adapted to Osasuna's style and we didn't lose our identity in attack. We did well overall and we reacted after Osasuna gained some strength with their goal."

"We hardly had any chances to score here last year, but Osasuna attacked more after we had a 3-0 advantage, leaving spaces for us to attack in. We therefore had many chances from counterattacks. It isn't normal to have so many chances here because games at this stadium are very even."

"Khedira is different and brings different qualities to the team. I chose Nuri in Cyprus and today I chose Granero. I try to use the best possible combinations regarding each player and match. I knew what to expect and decided to use Granero. It proved right and I am especially happy for Granero and Albiol. They gave a fantastic performance."