December 27, 2008

Bernd Schuster: It Is Very Difficult To Coach Real Madrid

Bernd Schuster Real MAdrid's ex coach

Bernd Schuster was relieved of his position as coach of Real Madrid on December 9 and the German, an ice hockey fan, has been out of the football spotlight ever since.

Schuster spoke for the very first time since his dismissal.

“It is very difficult to coach Real Madrid nowadays because everything is very complicated at the club. You can never be relaxed, not when you’re dealing with the press or even with the players. Everyone talks about Madrid all the time and that is not good.” he started off.
The 49-year-old went on to describe the pressure cooker environment at the Santiago Bernabéu.
“When the team wins, there is neither exhilaration nor joy. There is only calm, because at Madrid, you are obligated to win every time. But I knew this when I signed for them, which is why I do no regret my time there.”
Schuster then defended his often cold and unresponsive demeanour when faced with the press: “I do things the way I want to. I am me and nobody is going to change that, although some did try to.
Finally, the La Liga and Supercopa-winning trainer touched briefly on his future.
“I think I will leave Spain for a couple of years before I return. I’m confident about my future because I have some credentials after winning a few titles.
“I still watch football a little, but I do not continue following Real Madrid. I have lost enough hair during my time there,” he joked.

December 21, 2008

Match Report:Real Madrid 1-0 Valencia Highlights Video [La Liga Match]

Real Madrid's Gonzalo Hugain celebrates the goal he scored against Valencia

December 20, 2008

Champions League Quarter Final Draw

  Liverpool will be Real Madrid's opponent in the Last 16 round of the Champions League. The first leg will be held at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on 25 February. The second match will take place in Anfield on 10 March.  One of the most interesting pairings of the Last 16 is that of Real Madrid and Liverpool, two of the greatest teams in Europe.  Real Madrid Sporting Director Pedja Mijatovic said the team

Liverpool will be Real Madrid's opponent in the Last 16 round of the Champions League. The first leg will be held at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on 25 February. The second match will take place in Anfield on 10 March.
One of the most interesting pairings of the Last 16 is that of Real Madrid and Liverpool, two of the greatest teams in Europe.Real Madrid Sporting Director Pedja Mijatovic said the team "won't lack motivation" for the knock-out stage and that "our players are experienced enough in this championship for us to be optimistic about our chances."

The rest of the pairings in the Last 16 are:

Chelsea - Juventus
Villarreal - Panathinaikos
Sporting Lisboa - Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid - Porto
Olympique Lyonnais - Barcelona
Arsenal - Roma
Inter Milan - Manchester United

December 13, 2008

[ Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid ] La Liga Match

Raul Gonzalez and Van der Vaart after a goal

Real Madrid is beaten by Barcelona 2-0 last night at Camp Nou.Real Madrid had started match well,they made a great defence and wait chance to score a goal with a counter attack,and they got that chance with Drenthe on 25' but he missed the chance.
On 36' Sneijder got injured and left the pitch.Real Madrid didn't give any chance to Barca to score a goal during the first half.On 68'min Salgado pushed Busquets and the referee blow whistle to a penalty,Etoo used the penalty but Casillas saved it.But on 83' at a corner Puyol has passed to Etoo with his head and Etoo scored the goal. and on 90' Messi scored the second goal the match finished 2-0.

Drenthe REal MAdridGonzalo Higuain
Gonzalo Higuain Real MadridRaul Gonzalez and Samuel Etoo
İker CasillasRaul Gonzalez Blanco

[El Clasico:Barcelona - Real Madrid] Good Luck Madrid

Real MAdrid Barcelona El Clasico

Real Madrid will play againist Barcelona at Camp Nou tonight with the new coach.Real Madrid has many injured players before this match.Ruben de la Red,Van Nistelrooy,Robben are three of them.Sneijder has joined the team at the last session.Barcelona is training with full squad.Messi says that he always likes bigs matches and this match is one of the biggest matches,and he is ready for this match.
Juande Ramos said that they believe that they can beat Barcelona;and Zenit win made the hopeful.He also said ; it's a grat chance to be a millionare betting on Real Madrid.

[El Clasico:Barcelona - Real Madrid] Juande Ramos Last Press Conference

Juande Ramos analysed tomorrow's match in Barcelona and said he believes his team has chances of winning the game.

How well prepared for the Barcelona match do you think your team is?
I think the players are very excited about it. You don't need to do much to motivate them. We have to climb positions in the league and we are convinced of our chances to win tomorrow. There's never a clear favourite.

Do you think Sergio Ramos is the 'antidote' for Messi?
Sergio has my total support. I'm sure everyone will do a good job.

Playing with five defenders is a valid possibility because one must use different systems to achieve the goals at hand. What do you think of Barcelona?
There's nothing I can say to highlight how good they are. They are playing very well and we will therefore have to pay attention to several aspects of their game. I think we can manage.

Do you think your team can pull off a draw?
Will Sneijder play?
I only think about winning the match. 'Draw' is a word that doesn't exist in my vocabulary. The doctors are thinking about what to do with Sneijder tomorrow. We miss several players and we must also take good care of the ones we still have.

You won at Camp Nou several years ago with Rayo Vallecano. How did you motivate your men back then?
I really don't remember. All I remember is that there were two or three games left in the season and that nothing was at stake for us, so we won.

Barcelona are clear favourites on all the betting boards...
Then tomorrow is clearly a great day in which to become a millionaire if you bet on us.

What do you know of De la Red's situation?
I've only focused on the technical aspects of the game. I only know I won't be able to count on him. You managed to defeat Barcelona also in the European Super Cup when they were clear favourites... This situation reminds me of that one. Everyone bet on Barça to win, and that greatly motivated us.

Have you started to leave your mark on the team?
It will be more noticeable as time moves on. This is the first day in which we've managed to properly train with the squad. It's normal for the players not to be sure of what I expect of them at this stage.

How's the morale on the squad?
The victory against Zenit has done us a lot of good. My players' confidence is greater than before the clash and we hope it will be even greater next week if we win tomorrow.

What do you think of the job Guardiola is doing as Barcelona's coach?
Guardiola is doing a great job and could begin a new era if he continues to do this well. The team plays excellent football, but their style can be fought with hard work and high levels of concentration. I think we can win tomorow.

What will be the key to winning the game?
The start of the match will be very important. Our confidence could be undermined if we concede an early goal, but I think we can win even if that happens.

You are the boss of six Dutch players...
Good players always have room on any team. They must have done something well in order to be here. They will have to do their best for the Club. I believe Van der Vaart and Sneijder can play together.

December 04, 2008

Huntelaar signs Real Madrid

Real Madridhas signed 25 years old Huntelaar from Ajax.At the transfer session he will sign for Real Madrid.He will sign till the end of year 2013.Anouncement s says that he costs 20,000,000 £ to Real Madrid.If Huntelaar performance is good for Real,Real will pay 7,000,000 £ more.He will be the 6. player from Holland.

Huntelaar signs Real Madrid Huntelaar signs Real Madrid Huntelaar signs Real Madrid Huntelaar signs Real Madrid

October 31, 2008

Ruben de la Red goes to hospital

Real Madrid's Spain international midfielder Ruben de la Red spent Thursday night in hospital in the town of Irun after passing out during the Copa del Rey game between Real Union and Real Madrid on Thursday night.
De la Red fell to the ground unconscious in the 18th minute of the game, which Madrid lost 3-2 against a side in the third tier of Spanish football.
He received attention on the pitch and was then taken quickly to the Hospital Comarcal in Irun, where he was diagnosed as having suffered a syncope, which is a loss of consciousness caused by a lack of blood traveling to the brain.
The player recovered consciousness and at one stage it was thought he would be able to fly back to Madrid with the rest of his companions. However, as a precaution De la Red was kept in hospital so that further tests could be carried out.
De la Red's loss of consciousness brought back memories of the tragic death of Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta last season. Puerta passed out on the field during the first game of the 2007-2008 season on August 25.
Although he walked off the field, he suffered a heart attack in the ambulance taking him to hospital and died three days later.
Following events in Irun, De la Red's long term playing career must now be in doubt.

Calderon calls Sir Alex Ferguson 'senile'

Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson has been branded ‘senile’ in Spain and compared to Spanish dictator General Franco.
Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon said Ferguson was ‘getting old’ after an interview in which Manchester United’s coach resurrected Real Madrid’s links with Franco.
Madrid-based paper Marca responded with a series of five pictures of Ferguson changing into Franco, with a headline ‘Ferguson Senile’.
“I’m not going to waste any time answering him. I admire his history but recently he has gone a bit senile,” ‘The Sun’ quoted Calderon, as saying.
Ferguson’s own comments came as he slaughtered Real’s arrogant pursuit of Ronaldo during the summer.
The no-nonsense Scot, 66, said: “What made it really obscene was that Madrid, as General Franco’s club, had a history of being able to get whoever and whatever they wanted before democracy came to Spain.”
Ferguson will understandably be furious with the attack in Spain, prompted by his refusal to sell Ronaldo to Real.
The player wanted to go and Calderon, 57, constantly courted him but Fergie would not budge.

October 04, 2008

Sergio Ramos Wallpapers

Sergio Ramos Wallpaper Sergio Ramos Wallpaper Sergio Ramos Wallpaper Sergio Ramos Wallpaper

Ramos and Van der Vaart dreams derbi final

The Merengue duo were present alongside Atleti’s Raúl García during a promotional appearance for sponsors Nike in Madrid City and all three made a light-hearted “pact” to go all the way to the Champions League final.
Both Madrid clubs have started Europe’s premier competition on a bright note, winning both their opening games and looking well on course to make the knockout round.
“We have both started well and I would definitely want the Champions League final to be a derbi,” stated Sergio Ramos.
His rival, Raúl García second the idea: “It’s still very early to say these things, but I hope it will happen too.”
Looking ahead to the upcoming La Liga clash with Espanyol on Sunday, the Real Madrid rightback was in support of coach Bernd Schuster’s rotation policy: “We have to alternate our players after the Champions League game, but we take a lot of joy from the victory the other day.”
Finally, van der Vaart had words of praise for his compatriot, Ruud van Nistelrooy.
“He is one of the best players in Madrid and he contributes a lot with a lot of good plays and goals.”

Sneijder is OK.Ready for Espanyol Match.

Wesley Sneijder has recovered from a knee injury and will play in the club's next Spanish league match against Espanyol.
Madrid coach Bernd Schuster said Saturday that Sneijder was "perfectly recovered" from the left knee injury he picked up in August.
"I'll give Sneijder minutes, we'll see how many, but at least 45," Schuster said. "It's been startling to watch Wesley train the last 10 days, he is perfectly recovered. It's impossible not to recall him because he's training so well."
The 24-year-old Sneijder was expected to be out for at least three months after being challenged by Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby in a pre-season friendly in August.
"I'm ready," Sneijder told Madrid's website. "This is good for me."
The former Ajax player was also called up by Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk for World Cup qualifying matches against Iceland and Norway.

September 19, 2008

Mijatovic: Last night good for Raul

Raul Gonzalez during Real MAdrid Champions League Match

Real Madrid sports chief Pedja Mijatovic says last night's low-key 2-0 win over BATE Borisov was ideal for Raul's return.
"He has had minor problems, but this match was good for him to find his rhythm. Raul will do the same thing as he did last year, scoring many goals,"
said Mijatovic.
"We could have scored more goals. It's important Real Madrid have a great Champions League this season."

Match Report:Real Madrid 2-0 BATE Borisov [Champions League] [Highlights]

Ruud van Nistelrooy celebratest the goal with teammates
Match Report:
Real Madrid had many chances to score against BATE Borisov, but only two materialised. The Whites dominated thorughout the encounter and took their first three points in the competition.
Real Madrid:Iker Casillas,Sergio Ramos,Cannavaro,Heinze,Marcelo,Van der Vaart,Gago(sub.35'Diarra),Guti(sub.71'Higuain),Robben(sub.63'Drenthe),Raul,Van Nistelrooy,

September 12, 2008

Mijatovic explains Real Madrid transfer failures

Real Madrid sports chief Pedja Mijatovic has explained their failure to land Valencia striker David Villa and Villarreal midfielder Santi Cazorla in the summer.

On Villa, Mijatovic said: "We made an offer to Valencia because we liked him. Valencia made a counteroffer to us which made us believe there was no point and that is why we withdrew."

Regarding Cazorla, Mijatovic insisted: "We are a club that does not want to be in conflict with any other. So we refused to pay his buyout clause. We will not go crazy, no matter how much we like the player."

Usain Bolt will train with Real Madrid

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt, who swept the sprint titles at last month's Beijing Olympics in world-record time, will train with Spanish soccer champion Real Madrid. The 22-year-old Jamaican, who claimed gold medals and world records in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400-meter relay in Beijing, said Real had invited him to train with players including Raul Gonzalez and Ruud Van Nistelrooy. ``I'll definitely take up the offer,'' Bolt said in an interview on the Laureus Web site. ``Raul and Van Nistelrooy are some of the best goal scorers ever. I look forward to meeting these guys.'' Bolt, who lowered his own 100-meter record to 9.69 seconds in Beijing before breaking Michael Johnson's 12-year-old 200- meter standard with a time of 19.30, didn't specify when he would train with Madrid. Bolt could have run the Olympic 100 in 9.55 had he not celebrated prematurely in the final 20 meters, New Scientist magazine reported two days ago, citing research conducted by the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Oslo.

September 10, 2008

Sneijder back in training

Wesley Sneijder kicks ball
Real Madrid received a fitness boost when Wesley Sneijder started running again on Tuesday after more than five weeks out of action with an injury.

The Dutch forward suffered a blow to the ligaments in his left knee during the pre-season friendly with Arsenal and he was told that he would be out for two months.

With Bernd Schuster having fewer players in his squad that he wanted due to the club's inability to sign a new forward, Sneijder's absence has been even more noticed.

After making his way out on the to pitch at Madrid's Valdebebas training complex, he was applauded by the first team players present.

After being advised that he would not be back until October, Sneijder could be ahead of schedule in his race to regain his full fitness and to start playing again.

Running is another step in his recovery, but the former Ajax star is also having to work almost full-time in the gymnasium with the club's physiotherapists.

Madrid lost their opening game of the season when they were beaten 2-1 by Deportivo in Riazor and, following the international break, entertain Numancia this weekend.

September 06, 2008

Schuster under pressure

Reports in the press indicate that the days of the German trainer may be limited at Real Madrid. El Mundo newspaper reports today that the Chairman of Real Madrid, Ramón Calderón, has not included the club’s German trainer, Bernd Schuster, in his future plans, but at the same time he does not want to publically give that impression.Schuster has told the press recently that he feels sometimes that they want him to go, complaining about the lack of support he is receiving from management. The paper says they have shown him the door after ignoring his recommendations for the side.

Real Madrid rejects Nistelrooy offer

There’s no denying that the Abu Dhabi United Investment Group is planning for previously unfancied Manchester City to take over the footballing world.
Their intentions and impact were made clear immediately after taking over the Eastland club when they stunned football fans by signing Robinho from Real Madrid minutes before the summer transfer window closed for a British record ₤32.5 million transfer fee.
And just to further highlight how serious they are to take City to the very top, it has been reported that the investment group, headed by Sulaiman Al-Fahim, also tried to sign Ruud van Nistelrooy from Los Merengues by offering the Spanish giants an “extraordinary amount” of money.
Although the exact figure is unknown, Madrid-based daily Marca reported that Al-Fahim handed a cheque to president, Ramón Calderón and sporting director, Predrag Mijatovic but the Bernabéu hierarchy did not fall for the temptation as they rejected the offer.
It is also believed that the ‘White House’ was also approached by Zenit St. Petersburg for the services of Gonzalo Higuaín. A €25 million bid was tabled for the 20 year old but Madrid also bluntly turned down the offer.

September 05, 2008

Ramos wants to end his career at Real Madrid

sergio ramos real madrid Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has welcomed the club's declaration that they are preparing to offer him a deal to keep him at the club for life.
The Spanish titan's sporting director Predrag Mijatovic revealed earlier this week they would like to tie down Ramos to a new ten-year deal to secure his long-term future.
Ramos admits he would be happy to pledge his future to the club and he could see himself retiring at El Santiago Bernabeu.
"It's been some great news. I'm very happy in Madrid and it's my desire to retire at this club," Ramos told AS.
"I feel happy here with the club, the city and with the fans.
"Now my objective is to play as well as possible and help the national team and Madrid to achieve their goals. I'm going to give everything for Spain and Real, that's for sure."

Fernando Alonso defends Robinho

Fernando AlonsoThe top Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, a Real Madrid supporter, has defended the Brazilian superstar for his actions in wanting to leave this summer.He becomes the second famous person to spring to Robinho's defence after Roberto Carlos spoke out earlier against the "disrespect" that Madrid showed to one of their star players.When Alonso was asked today whether he thought Robinho was a "mercenary" he said: "I don't use that word. He wanted to leave Madrid, so in the end he left Madrid.""I think that Madrid also came out as winners, though, because any player who doesn't want to be there could be detrimental to the squad."Plus, the amount paid for Robinho wasn't bad at all."Alonso himself has driven for three different teams in the last three years, so he knos what he is talking about!

September 03, 2008

Robinho signs Manchester City not Chelsea

Robinho has signed Manchester City unexpectedly.All we suppose him to sign Chelsea but he signed Manchester City which was bought by Arabians.
After becoming the most expensive signing by a British club when City spent £32.4million to bring in the 24-year-old from Real Madrid, Robinho met manager Mark Hughes on Tuesday.
Robinho said: 'I knew that Manchester City is a very big club, there's a great team there already and this is an exciting project.
'I liked the project, and when City made the offer to Real Madrid, I decided to come here. I liked the plans that Manchester City have and I want to succeed with them.'
The Abu Dhabi United Group have announced plans for City to become the world's biggest club and Robinho has bought into the ambitious plan though. He stated his approval at the response to his signing by the City fans, who have been buying up tickets and club merchandise.
'That makes me very, very happy, and I want to repay this excitement by performing on the pitch, and scoring a lot of goals for the fans,' he said.
Robinho confirmed the presence of his international team-mates Jo and Elano at City was a factor in his decision to sign, even though Chelsea appeared a more likely destination at the start of transfer deadline day.
'I met with the manager today and it went very well,' said Robinho of Hughes.
'I know that he was a great player and I think that will be a big help to me. I want to help the manager and the team to win the Premier League, that's my ambition here.'

August 31, 2008

Champions League Draw

The new edition of the Champions League has its "group of death" to have been paired in the key H Real Madrid, Juventus and Zenit St Petersburg after the draw made yesterday in Monaco by UEFA.
The group of Spanish champion, the soccer betting UEFA Cup and the Italian soccer giant will complete the modest of Belarus Bate Borisov, one of the surprises of the qualifying stage.Real Madrid debut in front of the Belarusian team at the Santiago Bernabeu, where he also played the last match of the stage as host of Zenit.Another area that is closed prognosis is the key F, with French champions Olympique Lyon, Bayern Munich German, French growth in a team like Fiorentina and the Romanians Steaua of Bucharest.The Barcelona enjoyed a favourable draw and could have been measured with Sporting Lisbon, with Swiss champion Basel and with the Ukrainians Shakhtar Donetsk. The Catalans started their journey in Group D to receive the entire Portuguese on 16 September, and it closed in the same Camp Nou before the Ukrainian team.The last champion, Manchester United, can not complain about the decision of the drums: while Villarreal will face a difficult, should also play against a inexperienced Aalborg of Denmark and Celtic before the Scots.The Villarreal will make its presentation in Group E with the United precisely, in England, and will play the sixth and last match also away from home, compared with Celtic in Glasgow.The draw also decided that the Spanish striker Fernando Torres returns to the stadium that saw the birth, the Vicente Calderon. The Liverpool and Madrid athletes will share the Group D together with Olympique Marseille and to PSV Eindhoven of Holland.

August 29, 2008

Match Report:Real Madrid 5-3 Sporting Lisbon [Santiago Bernabeu Cup][Highlights]

5 - Real Madrid:
Dudek (Codina, 46'); Sergio Ramos (Torres, 46'), Pepe (Cannavaro, 46'), Metzelder (Javi García, 46'), Marcelo (Heinze, 77'); Gago (Diarra, 64'), Guti (De la Red, 46'), Van der Vaart; Robben (Drenthe, 46'), Raúl (Van Nistelrooy, 46') & Higuaín.
3 - Sporting Portugal: Rui Patricio (Tiago, 46'); Pedro Silva (Abel, 46'), Caneira (Adrien, 76'), Polga, Ronny (Tonel, 46'); Pereirinha (Romagnoli, 60'), Veloso, Rochemback (Moutinho, 46'), Izmailov; Rodrigo Tiui (Yannick, 46') & Hélder Postiga.
Goals: 1-0, 15': Higuaín. 2-0, 19': Robben. 3-0, 23': Higuaín. 3-1, 31': Izmailov. 4-1, 40': Raúl. 5-1, 43': Van der Vaart (Polga scores an own goal). 5-2, 74': Yannick. 5-3, 90': Veloso.Referee: Velasco Carballo. Booked Cannavaro (89'), Polga (38'), Tonel (63') & Adrien (87').

August 27, 2008

Madrid Set To Up Villa Bid

David Villa Spanish FootballerJust less than 24 hours after making their “final” bid of €47 million for Villa, and seeing it rejected immediately, Real Madrid look set to make another “final” offer of €52 million for El Guaje.
Spanish sports daily Marca claims that the Los Merengues hierarchy will propose their new bid to Valencia within the next few hours in a desperate attempt to capture a big name striker as a way of compensating for their failure to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo and to hang on to Robinho.
More interestingly, it is also believed that Madrid are interested in Villarreal winger Santi Cazorla and an initial approach of €16 million could be tabled to the Yellow Submarine.

August 26, 2008

Player Profile:Ruben de la Red

Full name:Rubén de la Red Gutiérrez
Date of birth:June 5, 1985 (1985-06-05) (age 23)
Place of birth :Móstoles, Spain
Height:1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Playing position:Central midfielder

Club Career:
De la Red arrived at the Real Madrid youth system when he was just 14, the youngest in Cadete B. At one point, he was transferred to CD Móstoles after being told he was not good enough, but he was soon re-signed by Madrid. After his fourth season with the club, youth coach Quique Sánchez Flores, who was moving to Getafe, wanted de la Red to join him at his new club, but Madrid turned him down. De la Red said: "It is a pride that Quique was interested so much in me, but for me Real Madrid is the number one choice, that is clear; everything else comes afterwards".
De la Red made his first-team debut on November 10, 2004 against CD Tenerife in the Copa del Rey. During the 2006–07 season, he was also called-up to the first team by manager Fabio Capello, along with teammates Miguel Torres and Miguel Ángel Nieto, and made seven appearances during the La Liga-winning campaign. After the end of season, the midfielder renewed his contract until 2011.
On August 31, 2007, de la Red was transferred to Getafe, with Real Madrid having an option to re-buy the next two years. There, he established himself as an important first team player, usually assuming the role of playmaker, having been joined at Getafe by another Real Madrid canterano, Esteban Granero, who arrived on loan. During the season, he was forced, due to injuries to teammates, to perform as centre back, notably in the UEFA Cup tie against Bayern Munich, in which second leg he was sent off in the 6th minute.
Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón confirmed in May 2008 that, along with Granero and Javi García, De la Red would return to the Bernabéu for the 2008–09 season. He could be used in a swap deal involving a number of potential targets, although Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has stated that he would like to give the midfielder a chance to impress in his team.

National Career:
De la Red was first called by Spain for a March 26, 2008 friendly against Italy, but did not debut. Uncapped, he was named in the nation's squad of 23 for Euro 2008 by coach Luis Aragonés, but would appear in two friendly games against Peru and USA prior to the continental competition.
During the tournament's final group stage match, De la Red scored his first international goal with a powerful strike against Greece, on June 18. Spain won 2-1.


Real Madrid
Spanish League
Winner (1):2006-07
Runner-up (1): 2005-06
Spanish Super Cup
Winner (1): 2008
Runner-up (1): 2007

Getafe CF
Spanish Cup
Runner-up (1): 2007-08

UEFA U-19 Championship: 2004
UEFA European Championship: 2008


August 25, 2008

Match Report:Real Madrid 4-2 Valencia [Super Cup Second Leg] [Highlights]

Real 4 - 2 Valencia Super Cup Second leg Match at Santiago Barnabeu CelebrationReal Madrid won the Spanish Super Cup thanks to their drive, quality stock, strength and winning spirit. The match had a bad start for the Whites with Silva's goal and the red card of Rafael van der Vaart. The second half was the complete opposite, with a penalty goal by Ruud van Nistelrooy and further strikes from Ramos, De la Red and Higuaín. Van Nistelrooy was also sent off in the last 45 minutes. With this new title on their shelves, Real Madrid have proven to be strong at the start of the campaign.

4 - Real Madrid C.F: Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Heinze, M. Torres (Drenthe, 63’); Robben, Guti (De la Red, 76’), Diarra, Van der Vaart; Raúl (Higuaín, 77’) & Van Nistelrooy.
2 - Valencia C.F: Hildebrant; Raúl Albiol (Morientes, 81’), Alexis, Moretti; Albelda, Joaquín (Pablo Hernández, 67’), Silva, Baraja; Mata (Vicente, 59’) & Villa.Referee: Iturralde González. Booked Raúl Albiol (50’) and Heinze (72’). Sent off Van der Vaart (39’) with a red card and Van Nistelrooy with a double booking (53’, 72’).
Goals: 0-1, 33'. David Silva. 1-1, 50'. Van Nistelrooy. 2-1, 76'. Ramos. 3-1, 85'. De la Red. 4-1, 87'. Higuaín.4-2, 90. Morientes.
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August 24, 2008

Madrid Make €25m Huntelaar Bid

Huntelaar ajax playerAccording to Dutch magazine Voetbal International, La Liga champions Real Madrid have tabled a bid of €25 million to Ajax Amsterdam for the services of their captain and striker, Huntelaar.
After murmurs of discontent from Madrid coach Bernd Schuster about the club’s refusal to grant him a new striker, the merengue board appear to have submitted to his wishes as they look to make what should be one last signing for the new campaign.
And after missing out on David Villa and failing to make any approach for Didier Drogba, president Ramón Calderón has turned his attention to the 25 year old Huntelaar. But it will not be easy trying to prise him away from the Amsterdam ArenA, as their coach Marco van Basten had previously labelled his star hitman as indispensable.
Not only that, Los Merengues could face stiff competition from their new 'best friends', Manchester United, who have reportedly put the Oranje striker on their shopping list as a back-up to their main target, Dimitar Berbatov, in case they fail to snag the Bulgarian from Tottenham Hotspur.

Schuster believes Robinho will stay

Robinho real madridReal Madrid coach Bernd Schuster is convinced Robinho will remain at the Bernabeu despite recent developments suggesting the contrary.
With Madrid announcing they would not stand in Robinho's way in response to the Brazilian's declaration on Friday that he wanted to leave the club, it had seemed as though the Chelsea target was on his way out of the Bernabeu.
But Schuster named the forward in his squad for Sunday's Supercopa second leg against Valencia and said: "I'm convinced that he will stay. Robinho has not told me he won't play (against Valencia), he is an important player for us, and we've made that clear,"
When asked for his opinion on Robinho's declaration about wanting to quit Madrid and join Chelsea, Schuster added: "I expected him to make them before. I don't think we should over-dramatise it all, there are more important things for us right now."
Schuster's comments come after Madrid president Ramon Calderon confirmed that they would not keep any player against their will and told Robinho to hand in a written transfer request if he wants to leave.
However, Calderon also vowed the club will not sell the player - and hinted that the wantaway winger would have to buy himself out of his contract to facilitate a move to Chelsea, who have been chasing the 24-year-old for a number of weeks.
"No player will be kept here against their will. This does not mean that Madrid will not defend the interests of the club," said Calderon in an interview with Spanish radio station Cadena Ser.
"I'm sure that Robinho has already weighed up the consequences of his decision and I'm sure that in the next few days he will give a letter to the club to announce that he wants to go. If he does not want to be here, he should leave as soon as possible.
Calderon hinted Robinho, who has two years left on his contract, would not necessarily have to stump up the full 150million euros buyout fee, however.
He said: "It's not necessarily that he will have to pay the 150 million euros. He would end his contract but the courts will decide what he has to pay."

August 19, 2008

No more signings for Real Madrid, says Ramon Calderon

Ramon CalderonRamon Calderon, the Real Madrid president, remains confident that Robinho will remain at the club and has ruled out making any more signings.
The Brazilian forward has been linked with a move to Chelsea, however, Calderon remains adamant the player will be staying with Madrid.
"He has looked very happy, he is going to play this season with us I am absolutely sure," he said. "He has looked lively, very happy and full of desire. And the coach (Bernd Schuster) has told me that he is training very well."
Calderon also admitted defeat in the club's bid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.
"He is a player whose club did not want to sell him," Calderon said. "There are a lot of clubs who want our players and we don't want to sell them either. This is football, it was a matter between the player and his club.
"He said that he would like to play for us, but his club did not want to sell him."
Rafael van der Vaart is the only new face to have been brought in, although Ruben de la Red and Javi Garcia have returned from loan deals.
When asked whether they would be making any more signings, Calderon said: "No. The feeling is that is this is going to be a good year for Real Madrid. We said that the project was complete and I am sure that this season is going to be one of consolidation.
"We have a complete and very balanced squad."

August 18, 2008

Match Report:Valencia 3-2 Real Madrid [Spanish Super Cup]

Ruud Van Nistelrooy after the spanish Super cup match between real madrid and valenciaGoals rained over the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and Valencia. Valencia managed to turn the score around in a good second half. Ruud van Nistelrooy scored the equalizer, but Valencia came back to net the winner. Real Madrid will use the home advantage next week to try to win the title.
The winner of the Trophy will be decided at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium next weekend.

Match Report:
Hildebrand; Miguel, Albiol, Alexis, Moretti; Albelda, Baraja (Fernandes, 74'), Joaquín (Pablo Hernández, 64'), Mata (Vicente, 70'); Silva & Mata.
Real Madrid: Casillas; Salgado (Ramos, 63'), Javi García, Heinze, Torres; Diarra, De la Red, Van der Vaart, Robinho (Robben, 63'); Raúl (Guti, 73') & Van Nistelrooy.
Goals: 0-1 (13'): Van Nistelrooy. 1-1 (55'): Juan Mata.2-1 (59): Villa.2-2 (67'): Van Nistelrooy. 3-2 (80'): Vicente.
Photos:Iker Casillas after the goal Real Madrid celebrating the goal against Valencia Ruud van Nistelrooy is celebrating the goal he scored against Valencia Robinho at Real Madrid Valencia Match


August 16, 2008

Ramos:Madrid Taking Super Cup Seriously

Sergio RamosHaving helped Spain win the European Championships, the 22-year-old wants to enjoy another night of celebration by beating Copa del Rey winners Valencia.While both sides will use the two-legged tie to boost their fitness levels, Ramos is keen to not just play well but to begin with a morale-boosting victory."This has come at a good time and we are excited and really believe we can win it," he told reporters."Of course we value the Super Cup because it is important to win trophies, because when all is said and done, that is what every player wants most."We are beginning to find our level again, adapting to the hard work and our new players have settled in."Valencia will also want to make an impression at the start of the season and Ramos thinks that they will be a better team than the one that finished last season under Unai Emery."I think people will see a stronger team that have a new plan and a new coach with clear ideas. They will be rally keen to start well," he continued.

August 14, 2008

Real tell Robinho: We won't sell you to Chelsea, no matter how much they offer

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has told Brazilian star Robinho they have no intention of selling him to .
The 24-year-old and his agent Vagner Ribiero held talks with Calderon yesterday but Robinho is far from happy.
He wants to push through his prospective move to London and is considering calling a press conference this week to reveal his intentions.
Chelsea chief exceutive Peter Kenyon, meanwhile, has blocked Branislav Ivanovic's move to Milan.
Ivanovic was expected to leave on a loan with view to a permanent deal but is in contention to play against Portsmouth after the weekend due to injuries and has been assured by Roman Abramovich he has a future at the club.