May 11, 2011

Mesut & Ronaldo Inc. Goal King Ronaldo , Assists King Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil and Cristiano Ronaldo has been a great two-player team during the all season.Mesut feeds Ronaldo with his assists and Ronaldo finishes the job.

Goal King Ronaldo

Ronaldo has scored 49 goalsin this season.36 goals in LA Liga,6 Goals in Champions League nad 7 goals in Copa del Rey.

He scored the goal that brings the Copa del Rey to Real Madrid against Barcelona.

Ronaldo scored 9 of his goals with a penalty shot.

He scored 5 goals with his head.

He also scored 3 freekick goals.

He scored 32 of his 49 goals at Santiago Bernabeu.
He finally scored 3 goals against Getafe.

Assist King Mesut Ozil

This is the first season of Young Mesut Ozil at Real Madrid.Altough he joined the team this year,he has performed so well so far.He has become an important part of the team and he is included very big part of the goals.

Mesut has a great intelligence of football and is a master in passing and controlling.He is fast when needed.

Mesut made 157 assists this season and 26 of them resulted with goal.

Mesut also scored 10 goals in this season so far.

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