May 17, 2011

Iker Casillas:"Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world"

Iker Casillas attended a publicity event on Monday afternoon, during which he hit on two main points of interests: Cristiano Ronaldo's scoring record and UEFA's dismissal of the report concerning racial abuse by Sergio Busquets.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
"He is a decisive and influential player. Very few are capable of putting up the numbers he has. Only three players have ever done it, which speaks of the talent he possesses. There are no more team titles that we can win this year, but we can help him win an individual award. We feel it is important for him to win an award when he is so deserving of it. He is one of the best players in the world."

UEFA:(Sergio Busquets)
"If UEFA made the decision not to punish Busquets, they must know what they saw and what happened. Everyone saw it. There is no alternative."

Spanish national team:
"It was an intense 19 days with four matches that both clubs wanted to win. Anything that happened is in the past. Each team did what was in its best interest. It is normal that there be tense moments. It would be terrible if the players stopped getting along after accomplishing what we did. When we are playing together for La Roja we have the interests of all Spaniards in mind."

Champions League final:
"I hope it is football that comes out as the big winner and that fans are well-behaved and respectful of one another. The two teams have earned the right to play in the final for one reason or another."

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