July 12, 2009

Kaka's interview with Marca

Kaka told Marca he is anxious to return to the Spanish capital and that he believes his life will be "wonderful" at Real Madrid.

"I would like to be as successful as Zidane and Di Stefano were on the team."

"This month has been incredible. I am very happy with this new stage in my life and I am more certain each day that my life at Real Madrid will be wonderful. I think about the team all the time. I am anxious to return to Madrid."

"My presentation was very exciting. I saw so many people when I looked up from the players' tunnel... It was an incredible surprise. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe so many peple came just to see me."

"Florentino Perez is an incredible person. Real Madrid was an amazing team when I first met him in 2002. He is a very important person to me."

"I want to climb Cibeles many times."

"I like Pellegrini. He did a spectacular job at Villarreal, giving the team a beautiful style. I'm sure he'll try to do the same at Real Madrid."

"I like to play as an attacking midfielder. I feel most comfortable behind the strikers, but I'll play wherever I'm told."

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