July 15, 2009

Raul Gonzalez:"Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival is exciting as David Beckham"

Real Madrid's captain Raul Gonzalez is pictured during a press conference after their first training session on July 14, 2009 at the Carton House Hotel, in Maynooth. He spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer.

“I was as excited when Beckham started to play with us as I am with the arrival of Cristiano,” Raul said.

“I was very happy when I worked with Beckham and I think Cristiano is going to bring a lot of happiness to all the supporters. He will bring very good things and make a great contribution to the team.”

Ronaldo has gone on record as saying he was worth the money Real president Florentino Perez spent to sign him, and Raul agrees.

“As regards the price paid for Cristiano, that’s the price in the market,” he added.

“There are not many Cristiano Ronaldos in the world and Real Madrid has made a great financial effort, but Real Madrid wants the best team in the world.”

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