July 25, 2009

Rai:Kaka is interested in wining titles with Real Madrid

Sao Paulo 90's icon, Rai, who Kaka looked up to as a child, commented on the Brazilian's future with Real Madrid.

"I knew that Kaka had the potential to become of the best ever, but since he left for Europe until now, he has made incredible progress. His body is much stronger and can withstand the demands of European football. In terms of quality, I knew back in the day that he was better than all the rest. His best asset is his head. He improved so fast because he has incredible mental strength."

"Spain is better suited to his style of play. Succeeding in Italy isn't easy, but he managed to do so."

"I know Kaka well and I know that his only thoughts are on winning La Liga and the Champions League. If the team has succeeded, all the individual accolades will follow."

"I first learned that he looked up to me through the Brazilian press, and then I got the chance to know him in person."

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