July 26, 2009

Rio Ferdinand:Cristiano Ronaldo is right to follow his Real Madrid Dream

Ferdinand says:"I don't think any of the lads are bitter or should be bitter towards Ronnie,"

"You have to look at it this way - he came here as a young lad and gave six years of his career to this club.

Bearing in mind careers average out between 10-12 years, he's given half his career to United, and I think you have to respect that.

"You can't put a shadow over someone's dream. Since he was a kid he's wanted to play for Real Madrid.

"Playing for United is the holy grail for some people and it's those people who probably don't understand why he wants to go somewhere else that - for him - equals that holy grail.

"He'll always have a great affinity with the players here and I'm sure in the longterm the fans will see he was a great servant to the club."

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