April 06, 2011

Sergio Ramos: "We are grateful to our fans"

Sergio Ramos and Marcelo coincided with the rest of their teammates in pointing out the importance of Tuesday's victory against Tottenham.

"Crouch being sent off influenced that match, but that doesn't mean we deserve any less credit. We played a serious match and had a clear game plan. We really felt our fans and the passion that they exude. We are grateful to them. They really came out to support us and we hope they continue."

"Hats off to Adebayor for his two goals, but I cannot forget about the others. We are a complete team and each one of us plays a crucial role on the pitch."

"We know what we will find in London. Even a man down Tottenham played a serious match, so I am sure it will be tough on their turf. We are still alive in all three compeititions, so hopefully things turn out well over the next month and a half."

"I wasn't 100% fit, but I spoke to the coach and medical staff and I had to help the team. I did what I could. Tottenham will make it hard on us if we relax in the next match, but if we play like today it will be hard for them to beat us in London. Our fans were marvelous. We also play for them."

Watch the highlights Real Madrid 4 - 0 Tottenham

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