April 20, 2011

Jose Mourinho interview before El Clasico Copa del Rey Final

Mourinho: "I hope we see a nice match and that everything in the stands and on the street goes down without incident"

Jose Mourinho fielded questions from the media ahead of Wednesday's Copa del Rey final against

"I don't want to say anything out of the ordinary because there is never a favorite in a final. Both teams have the same chance of winning. I hope we see a nice match and that everything in the stands and on the street goes down without incident. These are typical words before a final, but I truly believe them. I have played in many finals against teams that have been either inferior or stronger than mine, but they have all been evenly-balanced. That is the natural tendency of finals."

"This is my first final with Real Madrid, but I am relaxed. I have experienced many matches like this one, which is why I am a lot more calm than a coach who has never been here before. Our confidence lies in our work to reach success in the form of titles. If we win, great. If we don't, we will continue working."

"We will play with a center forward, four on the back line, three midfielders and three forwards. We want to attack and score when we have the ball, while without it we must defend like a team. It implies that the entire team must be active in working both facets."

"I am 100% committed to my job, which is why I believe the president chose me. There are those who don't agree with my decisions, but I am the coach and my job is to make them."

"This match will have nothing to do with that seen on Saturday. You never know what direction a match may take. We will have to see how things go and only then evaluate. Whoever plays or doesn't play for Barcelona is not our problem. Our game plan was decided yesterday."

"There is no need to motivate players before a match as nice as this one. We want to win. We all know Real Madrid's history, so winning is expected and it is what we will try to do."

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