April 22, 2011

Jose Mourinho : "I feel better working for Real Madrid day by day"

Mourinho: "We have our limitations due to injuries and fatigue, but we will give Valencia all we have got"

Jose Mourinho was upfront about his future and also discussed Saturday's match during Friday's press conference.

"I am happy that our work is paying off and that people want to take the same direction that I want to take. I am always calm and I do not want to lose ambition. We are not just here for one year, but rather a lot more time. I feel better working for Real Madrid each day that goes by. Any news coming out of Italy is false and I want to continue working peacefully. We will be here this coming preseason to continue working. My teams are always better in the second season and I will work hard to ensure it happens here. I am certain that Real Madrid will be better in the second season."

"Having an injured player is always bad news for a team and a coach. We are upset that Khedira is hurt, but to say that he is done for the season is absurd. He cannot play tomorrow and I can all but guarantee he won't play on Wednesday either. He will miss both matches, but we hope he can return as quickly as possible."

"Lass missed Wednesday's match and Granero played 20 good minutes. Granero always responds well. We are upset that we don't have Khedira, but that is how our team is built and we will have an answer for his absence."

"Barcelona is a fantastic team that has won a lot, but they are not the champions of Europe. They are champions of Spain and they have a good chance to repeat. Just because they lost doesn't mean they are bad. I am stable in both good times and bad and I know we need to remain calm. We won an historic Cup against a very worthy adversary. What I will remember most, though, is our fantastic road to the title because we beat complicated teams like one of this season's greats, Levante; the runner-up, Atletico; and the champion, Sevilla. I will also remember the warm embrace from the president."

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