April 28, 2011

Jose Mourinho interview after Barcelona match Champions League Video

"Why do they try to kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours?"

Jose Mourinho was visibly angy after his team's defeat against Barcelona.

"Why does this happen? Barcelona are a fantastic team. I don't understand why Pepe was sent off. It paved the way for Barcelona to finish the tie."

"I said nothing to the referee. I just laughed and applauded his decision without saying anything. I'd rather say no more because if I tell him and UEFA what I really think my career would end here and now. Since I cannot say it, I'll ask a question: Why? Why Ovrebo? Why Bussaca? We are talking about an absolutely fantastic football team. Why couldn't Chelsea reach the final two years ago? It was a miracle that Inter reached the final last year. Why kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours? I don't understand why."

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