October 04, 2008

Ramos and Van der Vaart dreams derbi final

The Merengue duo were present alongside Atleti’s Raúl García during a promotional appearance for sponsors Nike in Madrid City and all three made a light-hearted “pact” to go all the way to the Champions League final.
Both Madrid clubs have started Europe’s premier competition on a bright note, winning both their opening games and looking well on course to make the knockout round.
“We have both started well and I would definitely want the Champions League final to be a derbi,” stated Sergio Ramos.
His rival, Raúl García second the idea: “It’s still very early to say these things, but I hope it will happen too.”
Looking ahead to the upcoming La Liga clash with Espanyol on Sunday, the Real Madrid rightback was in support of coach Bernd Schuster’s rotation policy: “We have to alternate our players after the Champions League game, but we take a lot of joy from the victory the other day.”
Finally, van der Vaart had words of praise for his compatriot, Ruud van Nistelrooy.
“He is one of the best players in Madrid and he contributes a lot with a lot of good plays and goals.”

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