December 27, 2008

Bernd Schuster: It Is Very Difficult To Coach Real Madrid

Bernd Schuster Real MAdrid's ex coach

Bernd Schuster was relieved of his position as coach of Real Madrid on December 9 and the German, an ice hockey fan, has been out of the football spotlight ever since.

Schuster spoke for the very first time since his dismissal.

“It is very difficult to coach Real Madrid nowadays because everything is very complicated at the club. You can never be relaxed, not when you’re dealing with the press or even with the players. Everyone talks about Madrid all the time and that is not good.” he started off.
The 49-year-old went on to describe the pressure cooker environment at the Santiago Bernabéu.
“When the team wins, there is neither exhilaration nor joy. There is only calm, because at Madrid, you are obligated to win every time. But I knew this when I signed for them, which is why I do no regret my time there.”
Schuster then defended his often cold and unresponsive demeanour when faced with the press: “I do things the way I want to. I am me and nobody is going to change that, although some did try to.
Finally, the La Liga and Supercopa-winning trainer touched briefly on his future.
“I think I will leave Spain for a couple of years before I return. I’m confident about my future because I have some credentials after winning a few titles.
“I still watch football a little, but I do not continue following Real Madrid. I have lost enough hair during my time there,” he joked.

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