April 17, 2012

Mourinho's press conference before Bayern Münich match

"I haven't made any changes at the club. I've just helped change, with the help of the players, the fact that Real Madrid hadn't reached this far in the Champions League for many years, and this is our second consecutive semifinal and we've only lost one of our last 22 games in the competition. We have to take a step further to reach the final."

"The greatest praise for a team is to say it plays like a true team, and that's what I think of Bayern Munchen. I think they are a great side with some players who are more special than others, like on all other great teams. Bayern are an optimum side that grew with Van Gaal some time ago and that plays phenomenal football now with Heynckes. They have the right to believe they'll reach the final."

"I have no doubts regarding the lineup I'll use tomorrow. I know who will play, who will be on the bench and who will watch the game from the stands. I've worked a lot on this match and I have no doubts. I usually like to be sure about the lineup before going to sleep the night before a match. I've already made my decision."

"Webb is a solid referee with great experience in this sort of game. We just expect him to do a good job and to make the right decisions. Our players will help in everything they can, but sometimes dubious penalties are awarded and may cost a team a defeat."

"I will not reveal anything regarding the lineup. I am well aware of who Kaka is and of his good performances in Champions League matches. It wouldn't be intelligent on my part not to use a player with such virtues. I count on Lass this season and the next. He wasn't called-up for the clash against Valencia and was free to do whatever he wanted."

"Equalling the goal record in La Liga isn't what's most important to me, but it is a beautiful thing and it proves the team wants to give spectacle and win every game. Let's hope this translates into winning a title this season."

"The opinion of men of football is more important than mine. Hoeness, Beckenbauer and others believe they are favourites and that we will be weary of them. We'll see what happens tomorrow."

"Numbers from previous meetings between both sides say nothing to me. Bayern have the motivation of maybe playing the final at their stadium and we're motivated to be in the semifinals a second straight year. I'm not worried about what happened between both teams in the past."

"UEFA handle security very well and I'm sure they'll have firefighters around to put out the hell we may experience in Munich. We should only focus on playing the game and Webb on officiating it. Bayern will play from the heart, but they also play good football. They have good players and the match, though tactical, will be good."

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