April 11, 2012

Casillas: "We only have to think about defeating Atletico to have a chance to win the title"

Iker Casillas is an expert derby player, earning eight victories and two draws in all his games against Atletico Madrid. The captain analysed the clash for Bwin.com.

"We must only think about winning against Atletico in order to have a chance to win the title. They are increasingly anxious to defeat us each year, but we're solid on the road. The derby will be a great match."

"Simeone has refreshed the team and it shows in their most recent games. They may have had some ups and downs in La Liga, but they are generally improving. Just look how far they've reached in the Europa League. They will be looking forward to the match because they really want to defeat Real Madrid. They have good touch on ball and know what they must do. To this you must add their drive, the fact they host the match, their crowd..."

"We obviously study our opponents. We watch and analyse games every day. We know Falcao is an extraordinary player, but he is surrounded by other great footballers. We cannot forget about Diego or Adrian. Falcao may be their standout man, but we're also aware of the supporting players he's got, who are all capable of pulling rank."

"We rarely give our rivals a chance to score in away games. We're defending as a true team and manage to keep clean sheets thanks to the job we all do. It's not just the goalkeeper. Keeping a clean sheet is vital to us and we don't want to concede strikes on the road while also scoring from the chances we get."

"There are many games left in the season and some will be very difficult, both for us and Barcelona as well. There is a long way still and a match between the leaders and the runners-up has yet to take place."

"You always want to add something to your career every year. I've said it many times: once you win a league title you want another, and so on. You think about making millions of people around the world happy. You want to have chances to win every title by the end of the season."

"I've learrned from every coach I've had. Failing to do so would be disrespecting all those I've had in my professional career and as an academy player. I've learned many things form them. When you've formed yourself as a player - as I did at the Real Madrid academy - and reach the first team, you want to showcase everything you've learned throughout your life."

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