April 13, 2012

Cristiano proves he is the best in every match

Assistant coach Aitor Karanka talked to the press ahead of tomorrow's 20:00 match against Sporting Gijon.

"These players deserve to be champions because of their hard work and the adversity they are overcoming. We cannot fail against Sporting. It will be a very important match with a lot at stake for us. Taking three points will be vital."

"They defeated us at the Bernabeu last season and they are a dangerous opponent. A draw will not be enough for them because they need three points to avoid relegation. They will go all out for the match and that will make them dangerous. The match is of paramount importance and we won't use rotations. We didn't win our last home game and we have to win tomorrow."

"Cristiano Ronaldo has been in risk of seeing a fifth booking for two months and still hasn't. He always wants to play and tomorrow is no excepotion. He is intelligent and a player should never be afraid of being booked. There's no problem."

"The fight isn't between Ronaldo and Messi, but rather between two sides that want to win the title. Cristiano Ronaldo proves he is the best player in the world in every match. We are all aware of how important he is on the team."

"Every match is different. Ozil wasn't in top form for the previous game and Kaka had been training well, but we replaced him against Atletico because they are similar and Kaka wasn't feeling very comfortable."

"The squad is talking about tomorrow's match, about how difficult it will be and about everything that still lies ahead. If we manage to equal or break the 107 goal record in La Liga of the 1989/90 Real Madrid side we'll do so thanks to the hard work of our players."

"Jose Mourinho will speak whenever he has to, just as he's been doing so far. We take turns addressing the media. That's how we work. We find it normal, but it seems to surprise all of you."

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo, indeed proved. He is very strong. He also propped up the Real Madrid one day. His NO.7 football shirt become a fashionable pursuit.