May 13, 2012

Mourinho : " It is impossible to improve on our numbers"

Jose Mourinho was accompanied by his staff in the press conference ahead of the clash with Mallorca.

"We're all here today because we all work on the team. There are others who aren't here today that have also been part of a coaching staff that has given its all to help the players achieve success. We've all won and lost together. I said we would all either laugh or cry together in the end and we've eventually laughed because things went our way."

"I think we've had a very good season. We've grown as a team and as a group of people. We want to do better and improve. We've established difficult records and won the most important title. We've also been in the Champions League semifinals a second straight year, which means we're strong there also. We also had great respect for the Copa del Rey. We fought for the title. It's been a very good season and I believe it is impossible to improve on our numbers. We want to win the league title again next season, but we know it will be very difficult to earn these numbers again."

"I would give the team as a whole a nine out of ten, but I would award some players a ten. I think it will be very difficult to improve on our performance level next year. Even though there are some who say there is only one way of playing football, I believe there are many ways, and I think no one plays ours like we do. We will add qualities to make the team stronger and we will aslo work on psychology. It isn't easy to do better in the Champions League, but it's possible, so we'll try. We don't want or need a new squad. Two players will suffice to make the team stronger."

"We want to give a serious performance against Mallorca and enjoy ourselves. It would be great to add taking 100 points to our list of records this year, but we just want the fans to have fun."

"There'll be nothing to do if someone pays Higuain's rescission clause. Everyone knows I'd like him to stay, but that's what clauses are for. Gonzalo is one of the best centre forwards in the world."

"I believe all my men have worked towards winning the title and Kaka is one of them. He's been decisive in some games and he's also given less positive performances, but he's had a great season overall. My opinion regarding Carvalho is that he is too good not to be a starter. He's won the league title in Portugal, England and Spain with me and we'll decide what's best for him."

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