May 05, 2012

Di Maria: "We'll make these fans even happier in the future"

Di Maria
"I am very happy with my first Spanish league title, but there's much more to come. I want the fans to enjoy this as much as we do. I'm sure we'll make them even happier in the future. I hope we win more titles every year and that one of them is the Champions League."

"This is immense joy, especially after the blow in the Champions League last week. This is a great and very personal feeling, so celebrating is very important. The secret to our success is that we are a true team. Some play more than others, but the group is what really matters."

"This is a dream come true. It's been very important for all of us and I hope it all stays like this. This is a great year and we're very happy. I expected us to win a title this season."

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