January 18, 2012

Mourinho interview before El Clasico

Jose Mourinho addressed the media the day prior to facing Barcelona in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

"The best possible result against Barcelona is to win the tie. The team that's eliminated from the Copa del Rey will play two less games in February and we actually want to play those two fixtures.

"Cristiano Ronaldo did a great job against Mallorca. He scored many goals one and a half years ago, as well as many hat-tricks. We also won a title with a goal of his. 
But I've felt most happy and proud of him with the job he did in the second half against Mallorca. He worked like an animal and did what the team needed. He was exhausted from working so hard and making so many steals. The team is most important and I told him he didn't need to score if he worked like that."

"Di Maria will be on the squad list. He's not as fit as we had hoped. We don't have the best feeling about things, but we'll have to wait. He's made the cut, but I'm not going to announce my lineup because I don't know whom I'll use yet, although I wouldn't hint at things either if I knew. The league is our priority and I'm not going to say different from that."

"It's possible, and necessary, that Carvalho reappears in January. Ramos and Lass have four bookings each and many players, such as Pepe, Arbeloa and Fabio, have three. They are all necessary. Carvalho will be ready to respond when needed."

"Barcelona are a great team and a formidable adversary regardless how many defenders they use against us. My relationship with Barcelona is as it's always been. I don't have a problem with them; I never have."

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