February 15, 2009

Huntelaar won't give up Real Madrid


Huntelaar spoke to Marca, Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar has discussed his recent misfortunes with Real Madrid, and talked about his future at the club.
"I have to wait for my opportunity [in the first-team]," he began. "I will get my chance if I remain patient and continue working hard.
"I just scored for the Netherlands and that is morale boosting for a striker - all strikers need to score to keep their spirits high.
Talk was then moved onto the exclusion of Huntelaar from the Champions League squad, and the forward admitted that it was tough to handle.
"To be left out of the Champions League squad is not easy, but I will not surrender," he added.
"Anything can happen [for us this season] and we will do our best. In the past, [Madrid] found themselves behind Barcelona, but managed to win the league title.
"The people here are very open, welcoming, and they really cheer me up. The weather is marvellous - a lot better than the Netherlands. I love this city, and never thought about leaving."

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