February 13, 2009

President:We can still win La Liga : "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING"

Boluda, who replaced Ramon Calderon after Calderon was forced to resign following a vote-rigging scandal, preferred to discuss his club's chances of winning a third consecutive Primera Liga title.

Real Madrid has won its last seven games under the direction of Juan de Ramos, but still lies 12 points behind league leader Barcelona.

Barcelona keeps matching Real Madrid win for win, but Boluda is confident that will change.

"We have still got our morale sky high, we would only be sad if we were 18 points behind them, as they were 18 points behind us a year ago. We still hope to be able to overtake them and to win La Liga."

"I think we can do that. There are a lot of difficult things in life, but nothing is impossible," said the Real Madrid president.

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