February 25, 2012

Mourinho: "We will fight to the end in each game to win the league"

Jose Mourinho talked about tomorrow's match against Rayo Vallecano in today's press conference.

"We do not want to stray from our philosophy and must adapt to different circumstances. It's difficult to foresee what will happen in a game. I saw Rayo play at their stadium during the preseason many months ago. I've always seen goalkeepers experience difficulties when games are held around 16:00, but these things happen in football. The pitch is small within the allowed measurements and the grass is in bad shape, but it's isn't horrible. My team is my first concern, followed by the opponent and then everything else. We will fight to the end in every match to win the league and I believe we could see a great game tomorrow."

"I hope Rayo's supporters have fun tomorrow. They spent several years away from the First Division and therefore hadn't faced Real Madrid at home lately. I want them to enjoy thmselves and the time the game will begin suits them because they are used to it. It also seems the weather will be good. I just don't wish them to enjoy the final score. We don't expect their support, but that's part of football and I think everything that has to do with them supporting their team is phenomenal."

"Benzema will miss a couple of weeks for sure, while Di Maria may be more suceptible to injury because he is an explosive, fast and intense player who always plays and trains at a fast pace. It's easier for him to get injured than for a diesel sort of player."

"Coentrao faced CSKA and Marcelo played against Racing. Every match is important to me and I believed the one against Racing was more so than the one in Russia."

"I would like my men to be happy both here and on their national teams. I'd like them all to be called-up. Albiol never asked me to let him leave and we've never talked about anything of the sort. My Director General asked me if I wanted anyone to leave and I told him I didn't."

"Joselu will make the cut for tomorrow's match. He is Castilla's centre forward and the one who plays in that position. Morata either doesn't play or is positioned down the left wing. Whenever the reserve team uses a centre forward Joselu takes the spot."

"I would like Guardiola to decide what he believes is best for him. Regarding extending his contract with Barça or not, it's his decision and it will be the one that makes him happiest."

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