April 20, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Interview

Interview with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo: "Messi is better than me thanks to his team." "I will stay at the top even if we win nothing. A wasted year? I'll tell you after the World Cup".

Many say that Messi is the best in football, is it true?
"Maybe yes. But honestly all Barcelona are playing fantastically. They won the last 5 or 6 titles, they lead the Liga. Messi was great last year, he is now, but the team is helping him. And now he knows his teammates better."

Before Messi there was Ronaldo, when will he return to his best?
"I think I'm always at a high level. If Madrid is unlikely to win anything it does not mean that I am not playing well (yesterday he scored against Valencia: the Merengues won 2-0 and are a point from Barcelona). Every day I work to improve myself. I think that Real can succeed in the league, then there's the World Cup. It's my first year in Madrid, as a group we can give more, but as an individual I'm not complaining."

Perhaps it is more difficult to win the Liga with Real than the Premier League with Manchester...
"They are two different things, especially this year in Spain the competition is very high. Barcelona is very strong, but we are fighting, we believe in ourselves.

2010 with "zero titles' is the worst year of your career?
"Yes, because if you do not win anything it means you have lost a year. But nothing is decided, I’ll answer this question after the World Cup".

Will Mourinho be the next coach of Real?
"Ah, everyone is talking about this. There are many names. I know Mourinho very well, and I can say he is a fantastic coach. Now Pellegrini is my coach, and I'm happy".

Kaka seems the ghost of himself: can you explain?
He had problems, injuries. But I'm sure at the World Cup he will be one of the best".

And Portugal? There is less than two months to the tournament.
"We did not give our best in the qualifications, the period of preparation before the first game will be crucial. We will do good things".

In your group there is Kaka’s Brazil: are you worried?

"I do not think about Brazil much, it is only the third game. If we win the first two we'll get there relaxed".
The first World Cup in Africa, where many talents are born and often not noticed. You have been able to overcome many difficulties, now what advice can you give?
"The African teams are very strong, very physical. To the young African players I would say that anything is possible if you try very hard. From an early age my dream was to become a professional footballer, I did it and now I can say: never give up. Opportunities come to all, we must know how to grasp them. "

Lets talk about the Champions League: who will go in the final between Inter and Barcelona?
"It will be a tough match between two teams that are playing well. The best will win. I expect Mourinho to use the best tactic to beat Barca. "

And between Bayern and Lyon?
"Bayern is strong, but I bet on the French."

Dribbling, shooting, speed, what makes you so special?
"I was born this way. But if you have quality and do not train every day you will go nowhere".

Did your life change more playing with Manchester or becoming the highest paid footballer in the world with Madrid?
"My life changed more when I went to Manchester. But sometimes it is not easy to be part of a team considered the world's strongest, Real. I am happy to be here, I believe in Real. Manchester is a great team, but now I want to win at Real as much as I won in England".

Someone wrote that Real wants Rooney. Would you like to play next to him and Vidic again?
'Maybe, you never know. But I think Rooney is happy to stay at Manchester and has no desire to change.He is a friend. But I'm fine with the teammates I have".

How does Ronaldo react to defeat?
"With frustration. Sometimes I do not even speak with my mother or sisters".

Have you ever cried after a defeat?
"Yes, it has happened."

Messi said to merit eternal glory he needs to win something with Argentina,do you agree?
"Yes. Big champions are seen in major tournaments, in matches that count. I too have not yet won anything for Portugal. We will see in the World Cup. In any case I wish Messi and Argentina the best".

If, as in the match of Euro 2006 with England, you can indirectly contribute to the expulsion of a fellow teammate, what would you do?
"I would act the same way. I did nothing wrong then (referring to the expulsion of Rooney), and when I defend the colours of Portugal I feel at ease with myself. I would do the same thing again ."

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