October 25, 2009

Iker Casillas Press Conference

iker casillas press conference

Iker Casillas offered Sunday's press conference following Real Madrid's training session and discussed the team's motivation heading into the midweek Copa del Rey opener against Alcorcon.

How do you feel personally after the draw in Gijon?
The team was great on defense and I was hardly seen in the second half. We didn't have the firepower we tend to have and we are a little upset to have only returned with a draw.

The press contends that the team needs more depth and wing play. What do you think?
Perhaps we were hurt by all our injuries. We are capable of taking care of any match, but yesterday's opponent play solid football on its third.

Is it strange to have all these recent slip-ups?
Of course I don't like to lose against Milan, but that is an historic team who losing against was a possibility. We went absent minded for two minutes and it changed the match. We had several players out against Sporting and we left two points slip away. We hope it doesn't affect us in the future.

Is the fact that the defense is playing so far back a temporary thing?
We need to play in a more advanced position than last year, but when an opponent creates a chance we retreat without thinking about it. It isn't something to worry about, but we can improve.

Do you share the same criticism that stemmed from yesterday's match?iker casillas press conference
Whether it is luck of misfortune, Real Madrid is always talked about. Florentino's effort to sign all the new players is praiseworthy. We can't be too worried. We just need to continue working.

Do you find that Pellegrini has more doubts now than before?
No. He is a dedicated person who does a great job. He does what is best for the team and we have been unfortunate to have so many players sustain injuries.

Can you explain the mistakes you made against Milan?
I'm not going to make any excuses about the ball. The mistakes were mine. I will not try to avoid the criticism. I will accept it. It is true that the Champions League ball does strange things. The second goal was a product of a fast play, and the ball went by me before I realized it. I had faith that the team could turn the match around.

How do you see the Copa del Rey opener against Alcorcon?
It's a new competition that is important to us. Alcorcon will be thrilled to play against us. There may be surprises, which is why we are working just as hard as if it was a Champions League match.

Do you think the team relies too much of Cristiano?
Cristiano Ronaldo is a fantastic player, but this squad has plenty of depth.

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