October 27, 2009

Pellegrini Press Conference

During Tuesday's pre-match press conference, Real Madrid coach Manuel Pellegrini pointed out that Alcorcon is a good team that will put up a tough fight.

Is the Copa del Rey an objective for the team?
Real Madrid's goal is to win every competition. It is important to at least make an effort. We also have the league and Champions League to play for, but that isn't a reason to let the Copa fall by the wayside. It will be a more attractive competition the longer it wears on. But our first goal is to qualify for the Last 16.

This competition usually sees the participation of a lot of youth teamers, but that isn't the case now.
We cannot let our guard down. If I didn't call up academy players it is because I want the most gelled squad possible. We need fulfill our objectives, which right now are the Champions League and Copa del Rey.

What do you expect from Alcorcon? Have you studied the team?
We went to see their recent matches. They are a good team that was nearly promoted last season. The only difference nowadays is the motivation factor. They will be highly motivated, so I hope Madrid knows how to counter.

How is Cristiano Ronaldo's ankle? How is his recovery going?
He is recovering as expected. I think he will undergo another tests tomorrow, but the doctors have the final say.

How are Garay and Benzema? Are they ready to play?
Garay is perfect and Benzema sustained a knock against Milan, but nothing to worry about.

Did the fact that you announced the squad list last night upset the players?
There is no uneasiness. I have not met with the captains and they have not expressed this supposed uneasiness. We get bored by having to play at ten at night, but it is necessary when you are participating in a competition. Today is a long day, but I think the team is committed. Perhaps some players don't agree, but they aren't upset.

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