June 21, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo:I moved to Real Madrid to be the World's greatest

Ronaldo held his first interview since his transfer with reporter Andy Dunn of the British tabloid news of the World.

In his interview, Ronaldo told the newspaper that after Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties in the 2008 Champions League final, he felt that he accomplished everything that he could and only stayed for the 2008-2009 season to win a third consecutive Premier League title before he would move onto the Bernabeu to play for Real Madrid.

Ronaldo also said that he joined Real Madrid to become a greater player and he denied that he joined to earn more money.

He also denied that their wasn't any secret pact that former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon claimed he had sealed six months ago. Meanwhile, Ronaldo claimed that everything was finished in the last several weeks.

Ronaldo also told the paper that he made this move to ensure that he would become the greatest footballer in the world, and he also wished that he didn't open his mouth at all over the transfer during the last year.

Ronaldo also told the paper that Wayne Rooney could potentially become a better player than he could and he also acknowledged that his behavior during the 2006 World Cup match between England and Portugal was unacceptable. He also apologized for the wink that he did after Rooney got sent off during that game.

However, he said that he doesn't regret it because he claims that it made him into a better person and he would never act in that way again in those circumstances.

He also claimed that he had a really close, "father-son" relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and that was a and he wished that Ferguson could become "his life coach".

Finally, he claimed that the Old Trafford supporters were great to him and he really appreciated how they always stood up for him.

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