March 10, 2012

Mourinho: "Coaching Real Madrid is a fantastic and unforgettable experience"

"We are earning very good numbers, but some have achieved much more than me throughout the history of Real Madrid. My intention is to deserve more and to translate these numbers into titles. I would like to do more than I've done so far to have a small place in the history of the club."

"I'll use the best possible lineup tomorrow despite having a Champions League match on Wednesday. I will not give any player time to rest because of that match. I think Betis are a quality opponent. They have an intelligent coach who prepares well for each match and their crowd gives them all of its support. Everything points towards the match being difficult."

"I'm hopeful Benzema can play tomorrow, but we will not take risks with two months left in the championship. He is working very well and we have yet to see if he'll make the cut tomorrow."

"I felt fine at Inter Milan, but I thought I had to coach Real Madrid at some point in my career in order to feel I was at one of the greats. There are many positive aspects to the experience so far and some negative, like in everything else in life, but the experience has been unforgettable and fantastic, and it is allowing me to be better at what I do."

"It's hard to say which have been the best and worst moments for me so far. Pragmatically speaking, the best time is when you win a title and the worst when you lose, such as leaving the Champions League... Every victory is a good moment for me and every defeat is a sour point. I'd rather make general assessments and our numbers are currently good; they point towards us winning a title. We will try to keep up the good work to try to win the league for Real Madrid."

"I feel the support of those I work with and of the executives at the club. We all share the same vision. I cannot complain at all about the fans. I would only ask more from them for the team's sake, not mine, or for a player that may be having a rough time. I would like them to support the team more on the road. But I have nothing more to ask of them for myself. I'm only grateful."

"I'd like to think we'll win the league. If we don't it will be because Barcelona had a spectacular run in the last stretch and that we weren't able to keep up the good work and to have the same ambition. The championship is still open and there are many points at stake, but we believe we can stay this strong. I'm not saying we will win all of our games because we're sure to draw and lose some, but we want to reach the end of the campaign in a strong position."

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