February 25, 2011

Benzema scored his 100th goal

The Madridista striker scored his 100th official goal against Olympique Lyonnais

Karim Benzema scored his 100th official goal on Tuesday in Real Madrid's Champions League Round of 16 match against none other than the striker's former team, Olympique Lyonnais.

List of Benzema's 100 official goals

Benzema's first goal dates back to 2005 in a Champions League group stage match against Rosenborg. But he only exploded onto the scene in 2007/08, when he scored 33 times and finished as the Ligue 1's top scorer and won the Bravo Trophy.

Once a Madridista, Benzema's first goal wasn't long in the waiting. The striker scored in Week 3 in Real Madrid's 5-0 win against Xerez. Over the last year and a half, he has scored 22 goals in La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League.

Not only was Benzema's strike against Lyon his 100th official goal, but it was also his fifth in the current edition of the Champions League.


  1. I watched the replay of the game last week, right after a rugby league club match. The audience really respected Benzema even if he was Lyon's former player. I wonder how the intensity was when he scored against his former team.

    I really hope Real Madrid pushes on until the finals. Soccer and rugby games are the only sports I'm currently watching.

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