September 09, 2009

Florentino Perez bans players from going out at night

Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez has made a special book with rules for players of his club. One of the rules is that players are not allowed to go out during the night.

Other rules are less spectacular. The players of Madrid should always be open to fans and they should respect the club and show their commitment to Real at all times.

Avoiding dangerous situations and co-operation with the press are other rules that Perez put up for his players.

The strict regime of the club isn’t that remarkable considering the height of the salaries and the age of the players.

But in Spain, people doubt if a player like Cristiano Ronaldo will follow the rules. The Portugese superstar has already been spotted several times in the Spanish nightlife with his new friends Sergio Ramos and Fernando Gago.

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